Is a New Spin-off from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” On the Horizon?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting word of another spin-off from the popular Breaking Bad franchise. Just when it seemed that the stories from this universe had reached their conclusion, Peter Gould, co-creator of “Better Call Saul,” drops hints about the next possible lead. Kim Wexler, portrayed by Rhea Seehorn, might just be the character to spearhead a new spin-off series. This comes as a thrilling revelation, especially after the emotional farewell of “Better Call Saul” from Netflix.

“Kim Wexler’s story has so much more to offer, especially now,” Peter Gould mentions in a recent interview.

The potential continuation of Kim Wexler’s story suggests an exploration of her life after the known events, possibly opening a new chapter for the franchise.

What Lies Beyond the “Better Call Saul” Universe?

“It may seem far-fetched given the ending of the drama, but it appears that fans’ suspicions might not be far from reality.” After the notable success of “Better Call Saul” and ten years since the conclusion of “Breaking Bad,” the idea of another spin-off isn’t off the table. Gould speaks of his need for a creative break, suggesting that it might be a while before this new series idea materializes.

Although Peter Gould hesitated to speak for Vince Gilligan, he is confident that his colleague feels the same, yearning for a respite from the “Breaking Bad” universe. The possibility of returning to this world is not entirely dismissed. They would only delve back in if they found something truly extraordinary and felt there were fresh perspectives to share. Gould possibly refers to a narrative similar to “Better Call Saul,” where each character’s nuances were thoroughly explored. Nacho Varga (played by Michael Mando) and Mike Ehrmantraut (portrayed by Jonathan Banks) serve as perfect examples.

“There’s a story following the events of ‘Better Call Saul’ that needs telling,” Gould revealed. “That story belongs to Kim Wexler.”

Five seasons of “Breaking Bad,” a derived film, and six seasons of “Better Call Saul” have introduced us to many characters, each with the potential to lead their own spin-off. Gus Fring’s backstory or his rise to power in Albuquerque could be one such intriguing tale. Yet, for Gould, events predating “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad” have lost their sheen. Kim Wexler’s subsequent journey holds the promise of fresh drama and an opportunity to explore her life beyond what fans already know.