Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate their first wedding anniversary

Sunday, August 20, 2022, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated their cotton wedding with great fanfare, a year after saying yes during a ceremony held at the actor’s residence in Georgia. The singer shared some souvenir photos with her husband on her Instagram account, to the delight of their fans.

A love journey strewn with pitfalls

The couple had met on the set of the film “Love Troubles” in the early 2000s but had finally broken their engagement in January 2004. Each then had a new life: Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony, with whom she had two twins named Max and Emme, and Ben Affleck with Jennifer Garner, with whom he had three children, Samuel, Seraphina and Violet. In May 2021, the two stars finally got back together and got married for good on July 16, 2022 in Las Vegas.

Festivities with family and one-on-one

To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, the couple decided to celebrate it in two stages: first with their blended family, then just as a couple. According to the Daily Mail, they had lunch in Beverly Hills with three of their children from previous relationships: Max and Emme, J-Lo’s twins, and Samuel, Ben Affleck’s son. The two daughters of the actor, Violet and Seraphina, were unfortunately not present during this first celebration.

Complicit moments shared on social networks

In addition to the wedding souvenir photos, Jennifer Lopez also posted an adorable video of the couple to celebrate her husband’s 51st birthday. The two celebrities seem more in love than ever and do not hesitate to share their happiness with their fans on social networks.

The keys to the success of their love

Despite the ups and downs they have known, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to have found the keys to a solid and fulfilling love. Here are some elements that could explain the success of their relationship:

  • Communication: they got to know each other better and discussed their respective expectations
  • Mutual support: by getting back together, they showed that they were ready to do anything to be happy with each other
  • Acceptance of the past: each has been able to accept the other as he is, with his past experiences and his blended family
  • Respect for intimacy: despite the media coverage of their couple, they know how to preserve intimate and privileged moments

Thus, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to have found a balance in their love life, and their first wedding anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate this achievement. We wish them many more years of happiness together.