Marie Kondo’s revolutionary method for folding napkins: Simplify your daily life!

Towels, like sheets, tend to take up a lot of space in closets. But thanks to tidying expert Marie Kondo’s revolutionary method, you’ll be able to fold your towels in a way that makes the most of the available space while still keeping your home tidy. Find out in this article how to fold napkins using the Konmari method and other clever ways to fold them decoratively.

The Konmari Method for Folding Napkins

For those who have not yet heard of Marie Kondo, she is a successful Japanese businesswoman, known for her bestseller “The Magic of Order”. In this book, she shares her method for creating an organized environment that promotes serenity and psychological well-being.

According to Marie Kondo, there are several methods for folding napkins, but her classic method is to fold them by joining the ends together to form a rectangle or square. This technique is particularly recommended when you lack space to hang them extended.

Here’s how to fold napkins using the Konmari method:

  • Take a large napkin and fold it in half to form a rectangle.
  • Then fold the sides of the rectangle towards the center.
  • Fold the bottom of the rectangle up, leaving a small opening at the top.
  • Fold the top of the napkin down, tucking the corners inside the opening.
  • You thus obtain a napkin folded in the shape of a rectangle, with three levels.

To save even more space, Marie Kondo recommends storing folded towels vertically rather than horizontally.

Other Clever Ways to Fold Napkins

Once you have mastered the Konmari method, you can also give a decorative touch to your napkins by folding them in an original way.

The ladder method

This method is perfect for folding large napkins in a simple and elegant way.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a stack of five napkins and fold them into a square.
  • Place another stack of four towels next to it, using a different color if possible.
  • Finally, add three more towels next to this last pile, again choosing a different color.

You will thus obtain a beautiful cascade of napkins in the shape of a ladder.

Towel animals

To give a fun touch to your napkins, you can fold them into animal shapes using the origami technique.

For example, here’s how to fold a napkin into the shape of a swan:

  • Spread a napkin horizontally on the table.
  • Fold the top edges until they touch the center.
  • Roll the edges of the triangle starting at the top corner until you reach the center.
  • The napkin should look like an arrow pointing upwards.
  • Now bend the tip of the arrow until it forms a swan or Z shape.
  • Gently adjust the shape to create a more realistic swan.

You can create two identical swans and place them so that their beaks touch, creating a heart effect between the two figures.

Tips for saving space

In addition to folding napkins using the Konmari method, here are some additional tips to save space in your cupboards:

  • Fold all large towels the same way so they take up less space.
  • Create mountains of napkins of different sizes, placing the largest ones at the bottom and the smallest ones at the top.
  • Roll small towels to store them vertically in drawers or dividers.
  • If you’re short on space, stack the towels in a pyramid on top of each other.
  • Store napkins folded in envelope shapes like books, leaving space for other napkins or accessories.
  • Use baskets to store your towels if you’re short on closet space.

By following these tips and applying Marie Kondo’s folding methods, you will finally be able to organize your napkins in a practical and aesthetic way.