Marvel’s God of Deception Returns to the Fray

Loki, the mischievous God of Deceit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is ready to return to duty. Two years after the end of the first season of his series, the anti-hero will return to Disney+ on October 6.

And to celebrate, the company has released the first official trailer for season 2. A teaser that features a new game of space-time chess in which the protagonist will have to learn to move.

In the trailer, Loki managed to reunite with his old friend Mobius at the Time Variation Agency. However, the anti-hero goes through an ordeal, because he keeps “sliding” in time without being able to control it. To try to solve it, both turn to a new character, OB, interpreted by the oscar winner Ke Huy Quan (Everything everywhere at once). This AVT employee reveals he knows exactly what’s wrong with Thor’s brother, but he can’t fix it.

Meanwhile, while continuing his work of hunting down variants that disrupt the sacred timeline, Loki must deal with a much bigger problem. After the end of the first season and the death of He Who Remains, the multiverse spirals out of control. The consequences are disastrous and he may be the only person who truly understands what is going on. “If what I saw is true, there is nothing left between this world and total destruction,” he explains at one point in the trailer.

And through different realities, Kang the Conqueror rises irretrievably in power. Time control is the real obsession of the new big bad of the MCU. That’s why Loki and Mobius visit him in his early days, when he’s just a scientist named Victor Timely in the early 20th century. Part of this scene was seen in the post-credits of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania. There, on the occasion of a fair, Timely presents a new invention. And, thanks to the trailer, it’s now been revealed to be a prototype Temporal Artifact that includes the first version of the sinister Miss Minutes. This intelligent hologram that ruled the AVT in service to He Who Remains also returns in Loki’s second season.

What will be the connection between Loki and season 1?

Along with the returns of Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, and Jonathan Majors, Season 2 of the series also sees the return of Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie (a female variant of the God) and Wunmi Mosaku as B-15. , among others. All will be part of the protagonist’s risky adventure to find Kang and stop him before the multiverse collapses.

The end of the first season set the stage perfectly for the villain to begin his evil temporal plans. Sylvie slew the One Who Remains, the variant of Kang that kept everyone else on the straight and narrow and prevented the timeline shift. His death gave carte blanche to other versions of the character and so after attempting to return to his universe, Loki appeared in a reality where Kang is already the lord and master of the AVT. To find out how the character of Hiddleston returns to his world to find Mobius and Sylvie, we will have to wait until October 6, the date of the broadcast of the first episode.