Netflix: After Agent Stone, This Action Series Hits the Platform

The new k-drama that has been a hit since its release on Netflix.

And even more recently, the thriller from South Korea has been overtaken by another series, this time from the UK. A brand-new series mixing thriller and action that, just a few days after its arrival in the streaming giant’s catalog, has managed to climb to the very top of the platform’s most popular titles of the moment.

Among the genres that are regularly favored by Netflix subscribers, action films and series are often very popular on the streaming platform. Recently, viewers have been able to discover the film Agent Stone starring Hollywood star Gal Gadot, for example. But there’s also another genre that seems to appeal to subscribers: thrillers.

And one of Netflix’s latest series falls somewhere between thriller and action series. Entitled Who is Erin Carter? this new British series has been available on Netflix since August 24, and already tops the list of the most-watched series at the moment in our country.

We discover the story of Erin Carter (Evin Ahmad), a British teacher who lives in Spain with her daughter Harper (Indica Watson) and her husband Jordi (Sean Teale). But the young woman’s daily life is about to be turned upside down after she finds herself involved in a supermarket robbery. While there with her daughter, Erin inadvertently kills one of the robbers while trying to protect her child. This event sheds light on the young woman, revealing a past as mysterious as it is violent.

And if the Who is Erin Carter? series is one of the most popular titles of the moment, it seems to have won over many subscribers, as evidenced by the multitude of generally positive comments about it on social networks.