Never Endure a Stinky Sink Again – Try This Game-Changing Trick!

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that are likely to have bad odors. In the majority of cases, it is mainly a pipe problem, more precisely, that of your sink.

It’s not surprising, considering all the activities you do in this room. In this article, let’s find out the cause of unpleasant fumes in your pipes. Let’s also talk about the best way to make your sink smell better.

Kitchen: Why does the sink smell bad?

In your kitchen, you spend your time preparing dishes and washing dishes. You do your best to properly sort your waste and other debris. On one side, fruit and/or vegetable peelings and solid residues go into the trash. On the other hand, dirty water should be thrown into the sink. These kinds of small, very responsible actions help prevent blocked pipes.

Be aware, however, that even when sorting solid and liquid waste, there are always details that escape you. Indeed, there are mini residues that end up following the dirty water that you throw in the sink. This can happen to anyone in the kitchen, the smallest residues are not easy to discern.

Small residues that you accidentally miss and send down the sink can be annoying at some point. At first, it seems inconsequential, but as time passes, they accumulate. Your pipes then begin to have some clogs. Indeed, the consequences of these in the kitchen can be considerably disturbing.

Already, your sink will end up being clogged at some point due to clogging and circulation will no longer pass. Additionally, unpleasant odors will be noticed more and more in your kitchen. We are going to offer you a very practical tip to get rid of clogs. In addition, this will allow you to avoid bad smells from your sink.

A revolutionary tip for a clogged sink that smells good

You won’t need big things to unclog your kitchen pipes. The three ingredients for this tip? White vinegar, baking soda and hot water. You’ve probably heard of the baking soda only trick. This can be effective, but not necessarily sufficient for your unblocking.

Why not go back to your high school days and do a little chemistry refresher? Don’t worry, it will be in a very vague way. Baking soda has many very useful effects in cooking, such as antibacterial, sanitizing and degreasing actions. As for white vinegar, we know it above all for its cleaning, deodorizing and anti-limescale properties.

So, the baking soda and white vinegar duo will be your best ally in the kitchen for your pipe cleaning. As for quantity, you need one tablespoon of baking soda. For white vinegar, a glass will do the trick. For hot water, it is up to you to see the quantity that will be suitable for cleaning.

You know the elements and their quantities, now let’s move on to the steps. First, send your baking soda down the sink. Secondly, you will pour your white vinegar into it. Leave the duo to act for a quarter of an hour. Pour in your hot water to finalize. And There you go ! Pipe cleaning in your kitchen is over. Normally, there should no longer be any bad odors because the dirt is removed.

Kitchen: Baking soda and white vinegar, effective but not safe cleaners!

Baking soda and white vinegar are widely used for kitchen cleaning. There are even some who use these to clean pots and pans. It must be admitted that the results are very satisfactory. Moreover, the level of cleanliness provided by the two elements makes it possible to give an effect like new. On the other hand, the dangers are present.

First, baking soda and white vinegar can be toxic to your body. You must then handle this mixture with care. In addition, they are used to unclog pipes in the kitchen, but they should not be overused. Excessive use of this duo risks destroying your pipes. Always be careful!