New School Year, New Bag: Longchamp’s Must-Have Designs!

If we say Longchamp, you probably think of the famous Pliage bags. These were completely all the rage during the 2000s and even 2010. In fact, we could see them on the shoulders of a large number of women there was a time.

Moreover, they are still as beautiful as ever and the fall 2023 trend has plenty of other surprises in store for us. Discover some bags of the brand that will necessarily interest you!

Autumn 2023 trend: Particularly stylish Longchamp bags!

Folding is making a comeback this year, but maybe the classic version isn’t too much for you yet. That’s why we’re going to talk about other models labeled fall 2023 trend from Longchamp. It must be said that Longchamp has a whole arsenal of ultra-stylish bags in its catalog. Among them, we find for example the XS Epure shoulder bag!

The XS Epure shoulder bag is small, but it will be very practical. The French brand gave it an appearance somewhat resembling a binocular case. Obviously, Longchamp has made sure to bring a lot of charm to its design. Among the many shades there is a pink color model. You will have understood, it is still part of the fall 2023 trend. This very trendy little bag will cost you €260!

The next trendy fall 2023 bag is a cousin of the one we talked about above. This time it is the XS Epure bucket shoulder bag. Unlike its colleague, this one has a slightly longer and thinner appearance. This bag has interior pockets allowing you to store your phone, wallet and more!

The XS Epure bucket shoulder bag will undoubtedly be the favorite of many women in the near future. It is practical and has a particularly original design. How much will this Longchamp bag cost you, which will be a fall 2023 trend? If you are interested in it, know that it has the same sale price as its cousin above, that is to say 260 €!

Longchamp bags with adorable designs!

This bag that we are going to tell you about has quite a summer style, but is indeed a fall 2023 trend. It is the Panier XS Pliage and we can tell you that you will love it. Its woven straw-style canvas gives it a totally adorable appearance. Plus, it has pastel handles, adding a little more pleasant shades!

It may be a wicker basket, but you can wear it very well during the summer. This trendy Longchamp bag for fall 2023 has a very elegant design. You will look chic wearing it on your shoulder when you go to the office. As a bonus, the selling price of Basket XS Pliage is 190 €. For something you can wear for multiple seasons, you could say it’s affordable!

Green is a color that is part of the fall 2023 trend and we can say that it is a good thing. Effectively, this coincides with the XS Pliage Xtra Shoulder Bag from Longchamp. At a certain point, the design of this bag reminds us a bit of a pencil case. The least we can say is that many women will wear it for the start of the school year!

The XS Pliage Xtra shoulder bag is very cozy, making it very enjoyable. All because it’s made of calfskin and shearling. How much will this trendy fall 2023 grass green bag cost you? Know that this product from Longchamp will cost you 290 €. We can say that the French brand has something to give you style for this back to school!

Fall 2023 trend: A very appreciable Longchamp bag!

This latest product from Longchamp that we are going to tell you about has a simple but stylish design. This is a bag that more or less imitates a wallet. So that is enough to say that it will be very useful to you on a daily basis. We are referring to the Le Foulonné Chain Wallet. This is the perfect bag if you want to follow the fall 2023 trend while keeping it simple!

You can put many valuables in it without fear of losing them. Indeed, it has multiple pockets and a flap. This gives you good protection against pickpockets. This trendy fall 2023 bag by Longchamp is available for €260!