No more reconciliations on the pillow, now it’s happening on WhatsApp!

Today, in the middle of 2022, we can say that WhatsApp is the most important instant messaging application on the planet.

This last detail, in fact, could mean great good news, since a curious study has emerged with a scientific basis where it is proven that WhatsApp would actually be an ally in the event of a quarrel or argument.

In these modern times, we have all had a disagreement or argument with our loved one and it is a fact that technology plays a more important role today than at any other time in human history. ‘humanity.

WhatsApp is good for your love life

It turns out that a Reichman University study was published in the latest edition of the journal New Media & Society (via Dailymail).

A group of researchers analyzed the impact of WhatsApp use on a couple’s processes of disagreement, argument, anger, estrangement and reconciliation:

“Correspondence via WhatsApp not only offers another place to conduct the relationship, but can also help save it.

Fighting or resolving problems is essential to maintaining healthy relationships. If we better understand our fighting habits, we can use this knowledge to improve our relationships.

There is a notion among Generation X that face-to-face communication is superior to digital discourse, but we have found that this is not necessarily true.”

These are the general observations and conclusions of Dr. Gali Einav of Reichman University in Israel, one of the lead authors of the study. To reach these conclusions, the researchers interviewed 18 couples who had lived together for more than five years and were aged 35 to 50.

In essence, the possibility of immediate written correspondence gives partners in a relationship the means to re-read and process the other’s point of view with greater peace of mind. At the same time, the time elapsed between each message may be conducive to a more reconciliation-friendly response.