No more stains on clothes: the surprising trick of using eggshells in the washing machine!

Doing laundry and keeping our clothes clean is usually a very tedious task for most people.

However, since the advent of the washing machine, many people now view this household task as a little simpler and more bearable than it was in the past, when clothes had to be washed by hand. Despite this, it still often happens that neither the best detergent nor all the products we use are able to remove stains from clothes.

In this sense, in recent days a practice that is becoming common among users has gone viral: putting eggshells in the washing machine to leave clothes cleaner. Sometimes finding the perfect laundry detergent becomes a complicated task. And finding one that meets all expectations in terms of quality and price has now become almost impossible.

It is for this reason that many people rely on home remedies to leave their clothes impeccable. And one of them is to put eggshells in the washing machine to remove stains from clothes.

Put eggshells in the washing machine

As some users explained, putting crushed eggshells in the washing machine can remove stains from clothes. The first step to do this is to remove the shell from the eggs and then crush them.

Once this is done, you must put the skins in a cloth bag or an old sock and then put them with the clothes inside the washing machine. This tip would be enough. However, some users point out that to make the clothes even cleaner you can add baking soda or a little vinegar.

Putting eggshells in the washing machine to remove stains from clothes: it really works!

The benefits of eggshells

Although it may seem surreal, this home remedy is a very effective solution for washing clothes and leaving them spotless. The main reason is that eggshells contain a lot of calcium, which helps remove dirt and stains from clothes. But eggshells not only contain calcium, but the little sharp fragments they contain act as a natural exfoliant, which is why they are also used to whiten clothes.

The tip went viral and many people started putting it into practice. Indeed, on the TikTok platform, content creators have started posting videos showing the results of putting eggshells in the washing machine.

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Versatile uses

Generally, we use eggs for cooking and include them in their diet. However, in recent years other features have become known that can also avoid some problems. For example, eggshells are very effective as a nourishing mask. But not only can it be used for this, but also for other applications like reducing wrinkles, improving the taste of coffee or fighting canine diarrhea.

Containing a high amount of calcium, eggshell is also good for improving bone health. For this reason, many nutritionists recommend grinding them and adding them to foods such as soups or creams. Likewise, due to their high calcium content, if eggshells are added to nail polishes, they can be used to strengthen nails.