Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen: Preparing Your Meals In The Open Air

Before you delve into kitchen research, master your terrain! Take careful measurements of your garden. Its size and layout help refine possible layouts and different options. Then anticipate a budget that can quickly heat up…

Preparing the Ground

Your outdoor kitchen must be installed on a stable, solid, and resistant base. The floor covering must obviously be designed to withstand everything. We can never be too prepared for a fall of food or grease… It’s better to favor non-staining and easy-to-clean coverings (concrete, cement, terracotta).

A Separate and Complete Living Space

With an outdoor kitchen, you won’t miss a thing and stop the numerous trips between the kitchen and the garden!

Everything is at your disposal so you can fully enjoy your outdoors without missing a crumb of the latest gossip. A large worktop to express your culinary creativity and built-in equipment, designed for outdoor living: plancha, barbecue, sink, storage, fridge… A comfortable kitchen that makes life easier for gourmets and (especially) keeps the rosé chilled.

Module or Custom-Made?

Depending on your budget and the available space, you can opt for a pre-built and modular kitchen. A simple and more economical system since there’s no construction work to be planned except for the water and electricity supply. If the kitchen runs on gas, there are even mobile modules for cooking anywhere in your garden.

As for the custom-made kitchen, it allows more options in terms of equipment and to mix materials. A real luxury but with no influence on the taste of the dishes!

An outdoor kitchen is considered as a room in its own right. The styles and materials are numerous. In all cases, the keyword to remember is: qua-li-ty! Your outdoor kitchen must adapt to the whims of the weather, summer and winter alike.

Good Structure

Whether made of stone, wood or steel, the chosen materials must be treated to avoid oxidation and resist various heat sources. As for kitchen equipment, stainless steel is the best choice!

Barbecue, Plancha or Brazier?

For barbecue enthusiasts, in terms of supply, you have a choice! It all depends on the preferred heat source: electricity, wood, charcoal or gas, and design. Note that gas-powered equipment takes up more space.

Just Like At The Restaurant

More of a tavern or chic canteen? To cook without suffering from intense heat, the pergola is a practical and stylish solution. It can be topped with a sunshade to keep the kitchen in the shade without losing a crumb of natural light. For a festive or romantic atmosphere, adorn your pergola with lanterns and outdoor bulbs.