Return to the stage, vacation in Italy and new record with Jay-Z

American rapper Kanye West, also known as Ye, has been making headlines lately thanks to several notable events: a surprise appearance at a Travis Scott concert in Rome, a vacation in Italy with his partner Bianca Censori , and a new record established with his collaborative album “Watch The Throne” made with Jay-Z.

Surprise appearance alongside Travis Scott

During Travis Scott’s concert on Monday August 7 at the Circus Maximus in Rome for the launch of his fourth album Utopia, the audience was surprised to see Kanye West take the stage to perform a few songs with Scott. Among the tracks covered by the duo are “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Praise God”. This appearance is all the more notable since, in the fall of 2022, Kanye West had made anti-Semitic remarks and had not returned on stage since.

Holidays in Italy with Bianca Censori

Ye and his partner Bianca were spotted in Florence recently, enjoying a few relaxing days in Tuscany. The two lovebirds were spotted enjoying gelato in the famous Italian city. While Kanye seemed to fully enjoy his stay, his wife showed a sadder face. The reasons for this apparent melancholy are currently unknown.

The Italian dolce vita

  • Discovery of local gastronomy, notably tripe alla fiorentina
  • Walks through the picturesque streets of Florence
  • Visit the city’s historical and artistic sites, such as the Uffizi Gallery or Palazzo Vecchio

New record with “Watch The Throne”

The collaborative album produced by Kanye West and Jay-Z in 2011, entitled “Watch The Throne”, recently reached a new record: it is now the most streamed joint album in history, with more 2.4 billion listens. This achievement is particularly impressive given the popularity of the two rappers and the global success of their project. Among the flagship tracks of this album is the hit “N**as In Paris”.

Incredible chemistry between Jay-Z and Ye

“Watch The Throne” represents a true symbol of the friendship and collaboration between the two American rappers. Despite their differences and the tensions that may have existed between them in the past, they were able to find a unique alchemy that shines through in their music. This album is undeniable proof, and this new record confirms their status as rap legends.

Between a notable return to the stage, a romantic vacation in Italy and ever-growing success with his collaborative album “Watch The Throne,” Kanye West continues his extraordinary journey in the world of music. Despite the controversies surrounding him, he manages to maintain his place at the top and surprise his fans with exceptional musical projects.