She buys a live lobster in a restaurant and then returns it to the sea

Every day we witness the most curious and unexpected situations in the world, and one of them recently took place in Italy. To the surprise of everyone present, a woman who was dining in a luxury restaurant spent 200 euros to buy a live lobster, but not to eat it, her goal was to release it into the sea.

The events took place in a restaurant specializing in fish and seafood in the port area of ​​Gallura (on the Italian island of Sardinia), where a Swiss tourist was dining with her husband. In this establishment it is tradition that lobsters, considered a superior quality product, are displayed alive in aquariums and, after being chosen by the guests, are cooked and prepared. Seeing them thus exposed, the woman had the idea of ​​saving one of these creatures, even if it was not going to be easy.

After choosing one and showing it to the waiter, the waiter asked how it should be served. It was then that the tourist made a request that surprised the employee: she wanted it to be brought to her still alive and in a container. Despite the unusual nature of these instructions, the waiter and his companions did as the woman asked, and that’s when the moment that went viral happened: the Swiss tourist approached the sea, took the lobster out of the container with his own hands, stroked it and threw it into the water. The Italian news agency ANSA published a video of the moment, recorded by the woman’s husband with his mobile phone.

The networks comment on this gesture

This action is widely disseminated on social networks and has sparked a debate between those who support it and those who question it. Many people applaud the woman for her gesture and congratulate her for having carried out and disseminated an action by which she contributes to saving a life.

On the other hand, some believe that the lobster should not have lived long in the harbor water, pointing out that it was probably not an ecosystem suitable for its survival. Furthermore, an Internet user questions the strategy of the woman who, despite her good intentions, believes that this does not help the restaurant to continue selling this type of product: “the thing to do is not to buy, the restaurateur is only interested in sales and as long as he sells, he doesn’t care what they do with the lobster,” he says.

Regardless, this is at least one action that has sparked debate and an exchange of ideas on this issue.