Steve Jobs had a plan. Apple makes it happen 12 years later

Apple would have finally succeeded in developing a technology that measures the user’s blood sugar without taking blood samples. A future feature of the Apple Watch?

Apple would have made a major breakthrough in the field of health, by developing a technology that measures the user’s glucose level without drawing blood. That’s according to an article published by Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg. Now, Apple engineers believe that the technology is ready for commercialization. Therefore, it is possible that the measurement of blood sugar will be part of the new features of the Apple Watch.

Apple has always prioritized features related to health and wellness, especially for the Apple Watch. And with a continuous and non-invasive blood glucose measurement function, the firm could further distinguish its connected watches from the competition. Moreover, this blood sugar measurement tool would be the result of several years of research.

And according to an article published by CNBC in 2017, this project would have already been considered by Steve Jobs, before his death in 2011 (when the Apple Watch did not yet exist). The article explains that to develop this blood glucose measurement tool, Apple would have recruited a team of biomedical engineers who worked in separate premises from the Palo Alto HQ, for more discretion. Mark Gurman writes that Apple even created a fake company to cover its tracks.

A more practical Apple method?

Instead of directly analyzing the user’s blood (the classic method to know the glucose level), Apple engineers would use optical absorption spectroscopy. In essence, this consists of analyzing light to deduce the glucose level.
Of course, for the moment, this information should be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source.

Nevertheless, for diabetics (and even for non-diabetics), such a feature would be a real revolution, since it will no longer be necessary to draw blood every time you want to know your blood sugar level. Moreover, rumors have been circulating for years about this Apple project. And some sources even suggest that the firm could use the same technique to measure alcohol levels (so you know if you are still fit to drive).