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Surprising Reasons to Turn Off Wi-Fi on Your Phone at Night – Read Now!

Today, thanks to technological advances, we can connect to high-speed internet even in remote places. However, before going to sleep, it is recommended to disable Wi-Fi for a relevant reason…

You should definitely disable your phone’s Wi-Fi at night. We explain why in this article.

Why disable Wi-Fi at night on the cell phone?

Disabling Wi-Fi on your phone at night is very useful. Indeed, you block the automatic search for internet networks. Thus, you avoid draining the battery of your mobile device. Moreover, if you disable your wireless network, you won’t be woken up by multiple notifications. So, if you can, turn off your phone for better sleep quality. To disable Wi-Fi, go to Settings and then choose the Wi-Fi option and turn it off. You can also put the phone in airplane mode at night to turn off network reception. It is also possible to turn off the Wi-Fi box. This also reduces power consumption and saves energy.

How to get a stronger signal?

You can disable your phone’s Wi-Fi at night to optimize the signal. You’ve probably experienced it: when a Wi-Fi signal is weak, your Internet connection suffers. The Wi-Fi signal can become weaker for a number of reasons. First, you should know that the 802.11g WIFI standard is more powerful than 802.11b. It extends the range of the signal up to about 40 m. So remember to configure this standard on your PC by clicking on the connection icon properties >> general >> configure >> advanced >> 802.11g standard. Moreover, your internet speed becomes slow if your neighbors connect to your wifi network. If you have not already done so, secure your network with a password to enjoy your wifi connection as it should be.

As mentioned before, your wifi access can be impacted by interference. And this weakens the strength and range of a signal. However, there are a few ways to boost your wifi on your smartphones, tablets or laptops. First, place the box in a central room of the house. This will minimize obstacles that could reduce the connection. Then, leave a space of 2 meters between the box and other wireless devices. Use a Wifi repeater to extend the connection to other rooms in the house. This must be connected to the box with a long distance Ethernet cable that carries the signal throughout the house. Prefer the 5GHz frequency to avoid signal interference with other devices. And don’t forget to disable your phone’s Wi-Fi at night.