Sweet or salty? How your cravings can reveal your child’s gender!

Knowing what your due date will be is information that makes all pregnant women very curious, but it’s already one point on which they have more information, knowing that the duration of a pregnancy is generally 37 to 42 weeks. However, we don’t know anything about the baby’s sex until a few months later.

Around 18 weeks’ gestation, the baby’s sex can be confirmed with precision, although it can also happen that on the day of delivery, the family receives a surprise.

18 weeks without knowing the baby’s sex is several days, several hours and several minutes during which every member of your family expresses how much they want it to be a girl, but also how sure they are that it will be a boy.

If you can’t wait for the doctor to confirm it, here are a few homemade tricks to predict your baby’s sex and be able to dispel any doubts. Methods that have been used from our grandmothers, when even the experts didn’t know, to our mothers.

Belly shape

One of the best-known and perhaps most effective ways of telling whether the baby you’re expecting is a boy or a girl is by the shape of the belly. A detail so insignificant that it has long been a premonitory element.

Popular belief is based on the fact that if a pregnant woman has a pointed belly, she’s expecting a child. On the other hand, if your belly is round, your baby will be a girl.

Sweet or salty

Cravings during pregnancy are not a myth, they’re a reality that affects a large proportion of pregnant women. Tastes can change radically during pregnancy, and you may come to dislike foods you once considered your favorites.

One of the ways to know the sex of the baby is based on those cravings, those foods that the body demands. If you don’t stop eating chocolate and sweets, you’re expecting a girl.

If, on the contrary, you only crave salty or bitter things, like cheese or meat, it will be a child. Also, if it’s certain that you’re expecting a boy, you’ll want to eat more than if you’re expecting the opposite sex.

Ring size

One of the tricks to discovering this unknown is to tie a ring to a string as if it were a pendulum, the pregnant woman has to lie down and another person has to put the pendulum on her belly.

If the ring moves in a straight line, from right to left, the baby will be a boy. If, on the other hand, the ring moves in a circle, the baby is thought to be a girl.

Oil test

To continue the tests there’s also one with oil. This can be coconut oil, olive oil or whatever you have at home. Once you’ve got your ally, we can move on to step two.

The pregnant woman should lie down on a straight surface and another person should pour a few drops of oil on her belly. If there’s no movement and the oil stays in place, it’s a girl.

However, if the droplets flow quickly down the belly, it’s a boy!

Hot or cold feet?

Curiously, the temperature of a pregnant person’s feet is also an indication of the sex of the baby she’s going to have.

If, during pregnancy, a mother’s feet feel cold, even if it’s warm, she may be having a baby. It also works the other way round: if you have them at room temperature or in the heat, you’ll have a girl.

Chinese painting

Just as in Mayan calendars, historical or exceptional cultural events were recorded, there’s a chart in Chinese culture to record whether the baby you’re expecting will be a boy or a girl.

A traditional method with which you only need two pieces of information: the woman’s age when she became pregnant and the month in which the baby was conceived. If the box you land on is pink, it’s a girl. If it’s blue, it’s a boy.

In China, this calendar was very important for many years, as families needed to have a son who could help them at work. They used this method to get what they wanted.

There are many ways and methods to find out what sex the baby will be, here are some of the best known. Now, when someone asks you what you think you’re going to have, whether it’s a boy or a girl, you’ll already know the answer and be able to reply firmly: “I think I’m going to have…”