Teresa Giudice Exposes Sofía Vergara as the Most Insulting Woman She’s Ever Encountered!

Teresa Giudice Slams Sofía Vergara Once Again: The “Rudest Woman” She’s Ever Met

In a recent episode of her podcast, Namaste [Expletives], Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice didn’t hold back as she called out Modern Family actor Sofía Vergara for being the “rudest woman” she’s ever encountered. Their feud dates back to a talk show appearance they made together several years ago when Vergara allegedly snubbed Giudice during a photo opportunity. Let’s delve into the details of their run-in and why Giudice is once again addressing this incident.

Meeting During a Talk Show Appearance

The encounter between Giudice and Vergara took place when they were both about to be interviewed by Mario Lopez. This happened around the time Giudice began her reality TV journey with The Real Housewives of New Jersey, while Vergara’s sitcom, Modern Family, also premiered. Giudice mentioned that it was their PR teams who suggested they take a photo together, emphasizing that she had no intention of initiating it herself.

A Failed Photo Moment

The attempt to capture a PR moment turned sour as Giudice revealed that Vergara’s behavior left a sour taste in her mouth. According to the reality TV star, Vergara stood in front of her during the photo and displayed an unpleasant demeanor. Giudice even imitated Vergara’s accent while recounting the incident, highlighting that the Modern Family actor made derogatory remarks about her. Unsurprisingly, the photo was never taken, and both women went their separate ways.

Recent Encounter at a Restaurant

Interestingly, Giudice claimed that she encountered Vergara at a restaurant last year. Although they chose to ignore each other, Vergara’s friends allegedly approached Giudice to request a photo before Vergara’s arrival. In contrast, Giudice expressed her eagerness to never turn down anyone, highlighting her humble background and appreciation for her fans. Despite her dissatisfaction with Vergara’s behavior, Giudice admitted that she has to watch Modern Family because her stepson enjoys it.

Recurring Story Between Giudice and Vergara

This recent podcast episode isn’t the first time Giudice has shared her dissatisfaction with Vergara. She revealed that if you search for “Teresa Giudice and Sofía Vergara” on Google, their feud is still a prominent topic of discussion. Back in 2017, during a Real Housewives panel, Giudice referred to Vergara as an “[expletive]” and suggested that she should have been nicer because “she’s an immigrant.” Giudice clarified that she was disappointed because she expected Vergara to have more humility given their shared backgrounds as immigrants.

Giudice’s Rude Encounter with a Radio Host

In December 2022, Teresa Giudice faced criticism from Boston radio host Billy Costa, who labeled her as the “rudest person” he had ever interviewed. The incident occurred when Costa asked Giudice about her time in prison for fraud, a topic she apparently didn’t want to discuss. Instead, she directed the conversation towards her accomplishments as a New York Times bestselling author of cookbooks and memoirs. Her response, coupled with scolding remarks towards Costa, painted her in a negative light during the interview.

In conclusion, Teresa Giudice’s ongoing beef with Sofía Vergara remains a topic of interest, as the reality TV star continues to speak out about their encounter. Despite their initial rift, it seems that Vergara has chosen to remain silent on the matter. It remains to be seen if these two women will have a chance to reconcile and put their differences behind them.