Young pretty girl dressed in retro style in glasses. Studio photoshoot

The 6 retro fashion trends everyone is wearing right now

As they say, what goes around always comes around again – and that’s especially true in fashion. If you like to add a little touch of nostalgia to your style, we’ve got good news: several retro trends are back “à la mode” and many of them are very easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

According to Brigid Stasen, founder of Bridge Your Style, the key here is to mix the old with the new. Combining your retro pieces with the season’s latest trends will keep your look fresh and current. Whether you’re a fan of the playful ’60s and ’70s or want a throwback to the bold, bright and cheeky ’80s and ’90s, here are some retro trends to embrace this year, along with styling tips for a modern twist.

Flared jeans for a bold look

While skinny jeans have been at the forefront of fashion for a few decades now, bell-bottoms and flares are back with a vengeance. To balance such a bold silhouette, Michelle Barrett, founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, recommends wearing your flared pants with a simple cotton tee or tucked-in fitted shirt and chunky sandals or platforms. Anna Grace Du Noyer, fashion expert and founder of eco-label Fierce Wife, explains that a fitted top will also enhance the drama of the pants. For a leg-lengthening effect, Ayah Kajouk, founder of clothing brand Aya Mana, recommends opting for nude shoes. “A statement necklace or modern geometric earring can add that much-needed contemporary touch to a retro ensemble,” she adds.

Cargo pants make a comeback

If you haven’t noticed yet, cargo pants are very much back in fashion again. Jessica Camerata, the fashion blogger behind An Indigo Day, notes that today’s cargo pants are mid-to-high-rise and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, well beyond camouflage and khaki. “I like to pair them with more sophisticated pieces – like a sleek oversized blazer and slim, low-heeled sandals – for a modern touch,” she explains. “Forget the ’90s baby tee and opt instead for a fitted bodysuit, which pairs well with the loose silhouette of cargo pants.” Barrett suggests choosing more fitted cargo pants rather than the baggy styles of yesteryear, and pairing them with stylish leather sandals and a basic tank top.

Colorful pantsuits for a bold look

Colorful pantsuits were all the rage in the ’80s – and they’re triumphantly back on the fashion scene. This trend exudes sophistication and can be adapted to professional situations and more casual occasions. “To modernize the look, pair the pantsuit with casual ballet flats or elegant pointed heels,” explains Yenia Hernández Fonseca, stylist, luxury fashion expert and contributor to Margo Paige. You can also mix and match these pieces separately for a more casual look. For example, Fonseca recommends wearing a fitted blazer with high-waisted, straight-leg jeans. A more structured, fitted bottom like leather leggings or a pencil skirt will help balance out the wide look of the blazer, especially if it has 80s-inspired padded shoulders.

The metallic trend for an eye-catching look

Whether you prefer silver or gold, Barrett says you certainly shouldn’t be afraid of metallic colors this season – this ’80s trend is back in vogue. Just remember: a little touch of metallic goes a long way, so there’s no need to adopt this trend from head to toe. Barrett advises giving your outfit instant personality with a clutch, belt or pair of silver or gold heels. She also says it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit minimalist so your metallic accessories can really shine.

Scarves for a touch of color

Looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to your outfit? Stasen suggests adopting head scarves, a popular component of 1960s mod and bohemian looks. “It was a casual look that Jackie Kennedy sported on her summer sojourns to Hyannis,” she explains. Stasen recommends pairing your head scarf with another ’60s trend – oversized sunglasses – for an ultra-chic combo. This look is perfect for beach days, picnics and sightseeing on vacation.

Mom jeans for a flattering look

Mom jeans made a comeback a few years ago, but it looks like this retro trend from the late ’80s and early ’90s isn’t fading anytime soon. That’s a good thing when you consider that this high-waisted, straight-legged silhouette is flattering on almost any figure. Bear in mind that these jeans tend to have little or no stretch. So it’s vital to get a perfect fit so they look good and feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to take those mom jeans to your local tailor to adjust the waist, crotch or other aspects of the cut so they fit your body perfectly. “Pair mom jeans with a classic silk blouse, structured bag and loafers or ballet flats for a casual yet sophisticated modern look,” says Beth Blakely, fashion expert and head curator at Clickher. You can also try them with a fitted blazer and low-top sneakers for casual occasions, or a slim-fit turtleneck sweater and ankle boots for an effortless touch of elegance.