The 7 Best Dog Breeds If You Don’t Have a Garden

Responsible pet owners know that it’s essential to consider everything, from how much free time you have in your schedule to your current living situation, before making a decision.

This can be especially tricky for those who don’t have an outdoor space that pups can enjoy. But even if there isn’t a patch of grass on your property, there are still dogs you can consider. Read on to find out which dog breeds experts consider best if you don’t have a yard.

7 – Shih Tzus

Small breeds may seem like a natural choice when opting for a pet in a home without a lawn. In this sense, Shih Tzus are not only city-adapted and surprisingly calm, but they can also cope with walks and shared outdoor space.

“The Shih Tzu was bred specifically to be a companion dog. While high-energy working dogs like Border Collies were bred for intense work days, this dog was bred to sit on your lap for days on end,” says Georgina Ushi Phillips.

“Therefore, they have minimal exercise needs and get what they need with a brisk walk rather than playing in the yard. The Shih Tzu is also brachycephalic – meaning he has a flat face and short muzzle – and so tolerates exercise less well than other breeds and doesn’t want to spend all day playing in the garden,” she explains.

6 – The chihuahua

Chihuahua on a bed

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog with the greatest reputation. It can be considered a dog of choice for anyone who has virtually no outdoor space.

“The Chihuahua may be small, but his personality is huge,” explains Travis Brorsen. “Typically not a fan of super long walks, this breed would be content to sleep all day and lounge around the house. Perfect for a homeowner who doesn’t have a garden.”

5 – The English bulldog

Portrait of an English bulldog on a white sofa looking puzzled at the camera.

Any prospective pet owner should consider looking for a dog that fits their lifestyle and situation. And according to experts, there is a hardy breed that is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have a garden.

“The English bulldog has a well-deserved reputation for being lazy,” explains Georgina Ushi Phillips. “These dogs are happy to play and enjoy exercise like any other breed, but they won’t last long before they need a nap. This means they will be perfectly happy without a garden to play in.”

4 – The Bichon

bichon frize

Some dog lovers are attracted to the Bichon Frize for its fluffy coat. Others love it because it’s a great option for people who might be a little bothered by furry dogs. But experts also point out that this breed is still a good choice if you’re relegated to walks when you want to spend time outdoors.

“This hypoallergenic white-haired dog stands nearly three feet tall and is full of character,” says Travis Brorsen. “The Bichon is full of life, yet maintains its confidence and small size, making it perfect for city life.”

3 – Basset Hounds

Basset Hound

From their floppy ears to their signature howl, Basset Hounds have become a beloved breed and a go-to for families looking for a relatively low-energy dog.

“Basset Hounds will benefit from longer walks compared to English Bulldogs, but they won’t need a dedicated exercise yard like more energetic breeds,” says Phillips.

“But even if a longer walk around the neighborhood is all they need, be prepared to stop and smell anything along the way! ” she adds.

2 – The dwarf dachshund

Some dogs are inclined to a more indoor life due to their energy levels. But experts say others are actually physically built to spend less time running outside.

“The miniature dachshund is ideal for a home without a garden,” says Brorsen. “This breed is at high risk of disc prolapse, so high impact activities are not recommended. However, to keep their back muscles strong, daily walks are a necessity.”

1 – The Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

Anyone who appreciates a small, confident puppy will find a lot to love about the Yorkshire Terrier. But this tiny breed is also perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space on their property.

“They are hypoallergenic and have the ability to outlast most other breeds. If you’re looking for personality, look no further than the Yorkie lap dog. ” explains Travis Brosen