The boots trend you should follow from now on to be fashionable!

The boots trend you should follow from now on to be fashionable!

When we talk about trendy boots, many models come to mind. The least we can say is that they are elegant shoes in the vast majority of cases.

In recent times, XXL boots have gained a lot of ground in the fashion world. This is why we are going to talk to you about wide boots in our article!

Wide boots: A trend that is making a comeback!

Fall and winter are often full of big trendy surprises. Indeed, these two seasons are often marked by the comeback of many styles. Even on the side of the boots, some models go back on the podium during this period of the year. The wide boots which are becoming more and more popular is the undeniable proof of this!

In recent years, boots of all kinds have been on the fashion catwalk. Thigh high boots are probably the ones that captured the hearts of many women. It must be said, they have a particularly elegant side and moreover, they are suitable for many styles of clothing. It looks like their reign is coming to an end and it’s time for the wide boots to shine!

Interesting shoe trends at the moment, there are a lot of them, even on the boots side. Recently, for example, cowboy boots continue to gain popularity. But out of all the choices out there, it seems wide boots are the one that dominates the most. Trends are cyclical and XXL is definitely making a comeback!

So could this be the end of tight models and it’s time for wide boots to dominate the fashion world? Not necessarily, but despite everything, the rise of wide boots is not going to stop anytime soon. In the following lines, let’s talk a little more about the success of this style of boots that has become particularly desirable. This will make you want to turn to this boots trend!

Opt for wide boots to look your best!

The thigh-high boots are stylish, you have to admit, but it’s time for another model to take the podium. These ultra-feminine tight boots now give way to maximum comfort. Wide boots allow you to look great while remaining comfortable all day long. As a bonus, they suit the mood of the current season!

Wide boots have already started gaining popularity for some time and it’s not stopping. These models of wide boots, which are sometimes pleated, have already appeared in several fashion events. For example, they attracted a lot of attention during Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2024. This allows us to say that this is a trend that will last a long time!

Obviously, they also appeared in numerous fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion events. Indeed, these perfect boots for winter have often been highlighted lately. Besides, there are a lot of wide boots from the big brands. You will find them, for example, at big names such as Balenciaga or Alexander McQueen!

The advantages of wearing wide boots are clearly numerous. This boots trend is capable of giving you a particularly feminine look. In addition, you will have a look that mixes an elegant style, but “effortless” at the same time. As you will have understood, these are both chic and casual boots that allow many combinations!

Wide boots: A trend you want to follow!

If wide boots are on your wishlist, know that they are easy to find. Indeed, there are a large number of brands offering this type of boot model. Although there are many variations, we especially recommend the black leather versions. These allow you to really bring out the elegant side of this trend!

Boots trends are therefore experiencing a new breath of fresh air with wide boots. They allow us to change a little compared to the models of previous seasons. As a bonus, the wide boots give a wide possibility of matching pieces. You can wear a dress, a skirt or even pants, there’s no problem!