The curious trick to get rid of the dust that the broom and vacuum cleaner cannot eliminate

Although sweeping the house seems like one of the easiest household chores in the world, the truth is that the broom or vacuum cleaner is often unable to reach every nook and cranny of your home. No matter how much you sweep or vacuum over and over again, there is always dirt that refuses to leave your house.

If you refuse to resign yourself to this happening every time you clean the floors in your home, there is a quick, simple and effective trick that will allow you to say goodbye to the traces of dust and lint that appear. stubbornly stay in hard-to-reach places. This will make your house look like a golden shower.

The alternative to rid your floor of dust is to make a homemade putty, in the purest slime, the viscous, sticky and flexible mass with which children play, and with which you can effectively and instantly sweep away the remains of dirt that you will find in any corner of the house.

Homemade dusting paste

The first thing to do is get a liquid glue called Resistol, sold on Amazon, baking soda, a classic home cleaning tip, and liquid soap. You will need one cup for the first, two tablespoons for the second, and half a cup for the third.

After pouring them into a suitable container, mix until you obtain a homogeneous paste. The easiest way is to knead it with your hands until you feel that sticky consistency we talked about earlier.

The mixture should be made with liquid glue, baking soda and liquid soap.

Finally, the treatment must be applied, and how? wiping the resulting paste into all the nooks and crannies where the broom cannot go. In this simple way, and thanks to its sticky texture, the mixture will carry away every last grain of dust and the floor will finally be as clean as you always wanted.