The definitive tip for easily and quickly whitening yellowing plastic appliances

Over time, the plastic of many electrical appliances that we have at home takes on a yellowish color, which gives the appliance in question a very unsightly appearance. This is mainly because they may be exposed to direct sunlight, cooking fumes or tobacco smoke, if you smoke at home.

Whatever the reason, it is not easy to remove this yellowish color. Abrasive products such as bleach or alcohol can damage the surface, so the remedy can be much worse. To solve this problem, a Spanish Instagrammer called Begoña, but who is better known as “la ordenatriz”, revealed a foolproof trick to restore the white color of plastic.

The tip: use a cream based on hydrogen peroxide.

Just use hydrogen peroxide cream, gloves and transparent paper. “We clean the plastic we want to clean well with neutral soap and once it is dry we apply the cream very well so that it reaches all the nooks and crannies.” This is what he explains in his video. Then the treated part is covered with a film “and we leave it to act for 24 hours”, so that the particles present in the air do not interfere. After this period: “We remove it, we clean it and that’s it,” explains the digital content creator.”

However, she gives some tips to help. “If, during the action time of the cream, the plastic is exposed to the sun, we will improve the process,” she says about the first, while for the second she affirms that “there are plastics which, due to their composition, need more than 24 hours of action. Repeat the operation and increase the time“.

This simple method can restore PVC windows, the interior of refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens and toasters to their original white. It can even be used on blinds or to remove all the dirt that accumulates on the soles of sports shoes. However, he recommends “testing first in an inconspicuous place”.

Just use a cream based on hydrogen peroxide, gloves and cling film? “and that’s all”.

Plus, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on effective products, as hydrogen peroxide cream is sold in hair salons or on Amazon. It is available in several volumes. “I use the 20 or the 40, one or the other does the trick,” explains Bego.