The ideal location within your home to position the jade tree for attracting money in just 5 days.

The jade tree, also known as the money plant or Crassula ovata, is widely recognized for its power to attract success and abundance. According to popular belief, placing it in a specific location in your home can speed up this process, providing results in just 5 days. Find out below where to place the jade tree and exploit its influence over your financial affairs.

Known for its resemblance to quartz jade, both in terms of appearance and spiritual properties, the Jade Tree is considered one of the most powerful and magical plants according to Feng Shui. Besides its astonishing bright, deep green color reminiscent of jade quartz, its leaves also share the spiritual symbolism of jade. This plant is credited with the ability to attract wealth, harmony, health, money, prosperity, and abundance to those who have it in their home.

The Jade Tree has been considered for many years as a symbol of prosperity, and it is believed that the more care given to it, the more financial benefits it will bring. A notable characteristic of this plant is its ability to retain water in its leaves, which symbolically represents money retention and prosperity. This belief has led many people to take meticulous care of their jade trees, hoping that this plant will act as a magnet to attract financial fortune.

Where to place the jade tree, according to Feng Shui

Entrance to the house

The main entrance to your home is one of the main places where experts recommend installing the jade tree according to Feng Shui practices. This strategic location acts as a protective shield against bad energies and envy that may attempt to enter your home. The jade tree, from this position, fulfills the function of an amulet that protects and purifies the environment, allowing positive energy to circulate and remain in balance in your living space.

Southwest of the house

Placing the jade tree on the southwest side of your house is a great choice if you want to increase your financial gains, whether in the TV studio, in the hallway, or in the living room. This position will help you strengthen your finances and attract prosperity. The Jade Tree will act as a powerful symbol of financial growth and success, creating an environment conducive to attracting opportunities and increasing your income.

Northwest of the house

The northwest side of your home is another crucial place to place the jade tree, according to the recommendations of Feng Shui. From this position, favorable conditions will open the paths to success and attract abundance into your life. The Jade Tree will act as a powerful magnet that will attract positive energies and opportunities into your home, creating an environment conducive to economic growth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

On the other hand, Feng Shui advises avoiding placing the jade tree in places such as the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, especially in spaces with high humidity. These environments are not conducive to the energy of the tree, as they could affect its health and vitality. It is therefore important to keep this plant in quiet places where energy flows in a balanced manner, and prosperity and abundance flow, avoiding areas where excessive humidity can damage it.