Woman Determined To Lose Weight
Woman Determined To Lose Weight

The key to lose weight effortlessly and lose five kilos in one month

If your goal for 2023 is to lose weight, all you have to do is eliminate one food from your diet. If you do so, you will lose five kilos in just one month.

The new year begins and with it the inevitable good resolutions to achieve during the next 12 months. Quit smoking, lead a healthier life or join a gym are some of those that almost never fail in this list. Without forgetting the eternal yearning to lose weight to lose those extra kilos that have been taken during the last Christmas celebrations.

The first thing to be clear about is that there is no such thing as a miracle diet. Getting down to work with weight loss is a difficult and tedious routine, especially for those who have never been on a diet. Patience is an indispensable requirement, along with a good diet and regular physical exercise.

The latter does not mean that you should spend hours and hours in the gym, as there are different routines that you can perform without leaving home and with which you will notice excellent results. Also, to start a healthy routine there is a food that you must completely eliminate from your diet if you want to achieve optimal results. But what food are we talking about?

Sugar: the ‘white poison

We are talking about sugar. If you manage to eliminate it from your diet completely, you will lose up to five kilos in just one month. To do this it is essential to stop consuming sugary drinks, pastries, industrial products, etc.. Otherwise, we will be promoting a guaranteed weight gain.

Eating healthy is not synonymous with eating only lettuce and tomato salads or going hungry all the time. Taking care of your diet during the most important meals of the day, such as breakfast, translates into surprising results in the short term. For this there are many low-calorie foods that are a fundamental ally to cope with the diet and take as a snack between meals.

As a sample, these tips are sure to help you lose weight:

  • Eat boiled eggs mid-morning: they satiate, have protein and are low in fat.
  • Snack on nuts, seeds and fruit: they provide energy and are healthy.
  • Drink water before meals and snacks: they mitigate the feeling of hunger.
  • Eat lentils and beans for lunch: they fill you up until the next meal.
  • Stop light drinks: they trigger sugar cravings.
  • Spice up with curry: burn more calories.
  • Drink coffee: increases the metabolic rate and uses more stored fat to generate energy.
  • Sleep seven to eight hours a night: helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep hunger and appetite hormones in balance.
  • Vitamin D: increases fat burning.