The little-known function of your washing machine that changes everything

You thought you knew your washing machine like the back of your hand? Think again ! There is a secret feature that will allow you to dry your clothes in no time, even on humid days. Are you intrigued? We tell you everything.

Washing machines: much more than just washing devices

For many, the idea of ​​owning a clothes dryer is a distant dream. After all, not everyone can afford such a device. However, it could well be that your humble washing machine holds the solution to all your drying problems. Indeed, not only do certain tips allow you to dry your clothes quickly, but they are also more environmentally friendly and protect your favorite pieces from the risk of shrinkage. Yes, you read correctly. Your washing machine has this little-known feature that could just save you time and money.

The towel technique: the ultimate tip for dry clothes in the blink of an eye

If the idea of ​​putting a bath towel with your clothes seems strange to you, wait until you see the results. To benefit from this, after the wash cycle, leave your clothes still damp in the machine. Then program your appliance on a “spin cycle” at full power. Before starting the machine, remember to add a dry, thick bath towel to your drum. The magic happens: this towel absorbs excess water, significantly speeding up drying time.

It’s simple: the emptier the drum, the quicker your clothes will dry. So, no excess!

After this step, don’t forget to hang your clothes on a drying rack, preferably near a heat source like a radiator. But remember to keep a distance of one or two meters to avoid any risk of humidity or mold. The room where you dry your clothes must also be well ventilated to maximize the effectiveness of this process.