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The little-known method for maximizing fat burning during your workouts

More and more people are looking to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Whether it’s to improve their health, lose weight or strengthen their bodies, exercise has many benefits. And a recent study has revealed that a simple drink can boost the benefits of exercise: coffee.

As well as being a popular beverage for its taste and stimulating properties, coffee has beneficial effects on sports performance and fat burning. Researchers at the University of Granada have studied the effect of caffeine on exercise and found some interesting data.

Caffeine and exercise: a winning combination

Caffeine is known to increase concentration and energy, but it also has an effect on physical exercise. In fact, caffeine increases the maximum rate of fat oxidation and improves aerobic capacity. This is why many athletes choose to consume caffeine in the form of supplements or energy drinks.

Scientists at the University of Granada have found that drinking a well-charged coffee (around 3 mg/kg caffeine) half an hour before aerobic exercise stimulates fat burning. And if the exercise is done in the afternoon, the effect is even greater.

Fat oxidation during exercise

When we exercise, our body needs fuel to function. It has two options: to use carbohydrates (sugars) or fats. Both of these substrates are oxidized during aerobic activity.

Research carried out by researchers at the University of Granada shows that fat oxidation is favored when carbohydrate consumption is reduced. This enables athletes to use their fat reserves as a source of energy, increasing their stamina and endurance.

Coffee plays a crucial role in this process, as it promotes fat oxidation. Caffeine, naturally present in coffee, is widely used by sportsmen and women, particularly endurance athletes. It also improves pulmonary ventilation and oxygen saturation, helping to optimize sporting performance.

The best time to drink coffee before exercise

Drinking strong coffee half an hour before exercise burns more fat than if you don’t. However, researchers found that the highest levels of fat oxidation during exercise were achieved after taking 3 mg/kg of caffeine in the afternoon.

This does not mean that caffeine is ineffective in the morning. In fact, fat oxidation is generally lower in the morning. If you’re looking to speed up your weight loss process, it’s therefore advisable to exercise in the afternoon and drink coffee half an hour before you start.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple way to improve your athletic performance and promote fat burning, coffee may be the ideal remedy. Simply consume it half an hour before you start your workout, preferably in the afternoon, to reap all its benefits.