Embarassed Dog on Bed

The perfect dog breed: they don’t bark and they don’t get sick

There are dogs that, because of their breed and genetics, are prone to illness or have somewhat hyperactive behavior, but this dog is the opposite.

We love dogs as pets. They are faithful companions, they welcome us every day with unbridled joy and they will love us all their lives. However, sometimes the existence of a dog clashes with our way of life. Many of them bark too much, are too active for us, cause us allergies, and even suppose an extra expense if it is a very sickly breed due to its genetics.

To ensure the welfare of the pet and a healthy coexistence with us, we must find the perfect balance between our furry friend for life, his personality, his needs and our way of life. That is why, before adopting a pet, it is good to find out about the background of each breed, its pathologies and its way of being. Some people have a clear idea of what they are looking for: a dog that is not very barky, obedient and whose medical needs can be met without going bankrupt. In these cases, the Basenji fulfills all these premises.

The Basenji dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world, appearing in some ancient Egyptian reliefs. It resembles a dingo because of its tan coat and medium build, usually weighing no more than 13 kilos. If well cared for, Basenji can have a fairly long life expectancy, ranging from 12 to 14 years of age, or more.

Does not bark, it sings

This breed originated in Africa and is known as the “dogs of the Congo“, hunting and tracking companions. Legend has it that these dogs were even used to hunt lions. It is a very curious creature, as we could say that it is a “non-dog” dog. First, it turns out that it never barks, it only howls or sings as if it were a Tyrolean or an emergency siren. Similar to Siberian huskies but with a very peculiar and personal tone.

Another strange characteristic of the Basenji is that it grooms itself like a cat, and does not share the movements of other canines. In addition, it does not smell like a dog, something that gives it an advantage because its coat does not produce allergies. This breed has the advantage that it hardly ever gets sick if it lives a healthy life, has no hereditary diseases and is a “healthy as an oak” dog. However, if the Basenji does not follow a balanced diet, it can suffer from kidney disease, its only “Achilles heel“.

At first glance, a dog that does not bark may seem to be an advantage, but in the case of the Basenji it should be noted that it can make a rather intense sonata of howls. This is a very faithful animal, very playful and that coexists very well with families with children.

A dog with which you will never get bored, very active and playful, perfect for children.

It should be noted that the Basenji keeps its active and playful personality all its life, it is not a dog that with age becomes more passive. Scientists believe the reason for this is that its direct parentage is not the wolf, it is another, older breed yet to be determined. This means that it needs a family willing to keep up with it and with enough energy to become a perfect pack.