The perfect lipstick shades to enhance brown eyes

Which lipstick colors are gorgeous for people with brown eyes? Whether you wear the same signature make-up look every day or change your style from hour to hour, it’s useful to know which shades flatter you the most.

The key is to draw inspiration from the different color tones of your skin, hair and eyes, all of which can influence your color palette in one direction or another. Women with brown eyes can wear a particularly wide range of lipstick colors since brown is a blend of the three primary colors, say experts.

“Since brown is considered a neutral color, the good news is that there are endless options for complimenting brown eyes,” says celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. “Brown eyes can really work with a range of makeup shades. The key is to use shades that complement your brown shade, whether it’s a bold color to offset your darker brown shade or a warm tone to bring out the hazel characteristics of your browns.”

Read on to hear from Scibelli and other beauty experts about which lipstick shades are gorgeous for brown-eyed people.

1. Berry or plum

Scibelli says berry tones are “some of the most commonly used lipstick shades among brown eyes.” “Berry tones-which can include plums, mauves and darker pinks-can really complement medium to dark brown eyes, as these tones are bold enough to create that balance with eye color,” he says. Haute couture makeup artist Elaina Badro agrees that berry tones are ideal, especially if you have “shades of dark red or cinnamon in your brown eyes”. She suggests trying MAC Cosmetics Amour brĂ»lant, Buxom Cosmetics’ Chariot or Tom Ford Aphrodite.

2. Deep ruby red

Badro also suggests a deep ruby red lip for people with brown eyes. Pairing this look with a more neutral eye – think bright gold, champagne, bronze or taupe – will create an old Hollywood look that brings dramatic effect. Warm, shimmering tones will help add dimension to the eye’s darker hue. Scibelli recommends Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks, which he calls his all-time favorite lip products. “Their color range is perfect for brown eyes,” he says.

3. Coral

Women with brown eyes should also feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone and playing with brighter lip colors. Badro suggests trying shades of coral for a vibrant look and specifically recommends Dior’s 636 Ultra Dior. “This lipstick has a very glossy finish, so you can ignore the shine,” she told Best Life. Neutral shades of brown, peach or gold on the eyes will help complement the effect of your bold lip. Alternatively, using echoes of the same coral hue on eyes and cheeks can also create a chic monochrome look.

4. Soft pink or dusty pink

For a no-makeup look, women with brown eyes can opt for a soft pink or dusty pink shade, says Badro. In particular, she recommends Nars’ 888 Dolce Vita. However, your eye and skin tones can affect the exact shade you choose. “Cool skin tones look great in pinks with blue and purple undertones. Warm skin tones look best with warmer shades. As a general rule, neutral tones work well with either,” notes Badro.

5. Nude

Finally, a nude lip is a great everyday choice for women of all eye colors, but it’s a particularly appealing option for those with brown eyes. This barely-there look can be paired with subtle, neutral eyeshadow in soft browns, coppers and golds for a natural, sun-kissed look. A nude lip can also help balance a more dramatic splash of color on the eye, a look that’s been popular on the runway lately. In particular, women with brown eyes may find purple eyeshadows particularly flattering when offset by a neutral lip. Pairing jewel-toned shades of green and blue eyeshadow with a nude lip is also sure to make a memorable impression.

These lipstick colors are gorgeous for brown-eyed women. Whether you prefer bold berry hues, intense ruby red, bright coral, soft pink or a nude lip, there are plenty of options for every taste and occasion. Find the shade that makes you feel most confident and beautiful, and have fun with your make-up!