The Plank challenge, a challenge to have a superb flat stomach in just 30 days!

The Plank challenge, a challenge to have a superb flat stomach in just 30 days!

The Plank challenge is all the rage on social networks. On TikTok, the hashtag that bears his name has already attracted 3 billion curious people. This challenge, imagined in 2015 by American trainer Anna Kaiser, invites you to do the plank.

This dreaded core exercise should be done every day (with a weekly break) for a month. Little by little, you lengthen the time of the position. The challenge promises you a flat, firm and more toned stomach in just one month.

Flat stomach: the Plank Challenge for a fairly limited aesthetic result

There are different variations of the challenge. However, the most common suggests that you start with a plank of 20 seconds and finish at 300 seconds. This equates to five minutes of exercise per day. Can this exercise really make you gain a flat stomach in such a short time? We interviewed a sports coach and a sports doctor to get their opinion.

If you dream of a flat stomach, the Plank challenge is not the miracle solution. According to sports doctor Victoria Tchaikovsky, the Plank challenge does not allow you to sculpt your belly effectively and she explains why: “the belly muscles which are visible and which form the famous “chocolate bars” are worked very little on the plank “, according to her.

The doctor says that regular exercise may lead to a slight reduction in waist circumference by strengthening the transverse muscle. However, this will not be enough to achieve the coveted bulging muscles effect or have a flat stomach.

And for the flat stomach aspect? The challenge would be ineffective according to experts in the field. “The sheathing is indeed isometric: we keep one contraction, instead of doing several. This is not going to be enough to produce a cardiovascular effort and burn fat mass”.

The Plank CHALLENGE: An exercise to practice without moderation

Doing the plank on a regular basis nevertheless remains a beneficial exercise for having a flat stomach. “This allows you to effectively strengthen the transverse, obliques and pelvic floor,” indicates sports coach Anouk Hamel.

Ultimately, these reinforced areas will improve posture and protect against back pain. “The more powerful our deep abs are, the more they help to support our weight and to have a flat stomach. This limits the risk of inflammation and lower back pain, among other things, ”confirms the famous sports doctor Victoria Tchaikovsky.

In addition, the exercise does not endanger the internal organs of the pelvis, unlike crunches, for example. “The board is called hypopressive because it does not exert any pressure on the perineum,” always indicates the sports coach. And another plus to note is that since there is no movement of the vertebrae, the risk of back injury is also minimal to none. An ideal exercise for a flat stomach without danger.

However, if you want to have a flat stomach, don’t bet everything on the Plank challenge. This workout will do you good, but it won’t be enough to sculpt your abs. Anouk Hamel advises you to complete this challenge with strength exercises and cardio sessions, which will help you burn calories and excess fat. Furthermore, you should not forget to hydrate well.

The Plank Challenge: a workout to complete to have a flat stomach

To get closer to the flat stomach of your dreams, Anouk Hamel suggests you practice Pilates. It is a discipline that strengthens the deep muscles. Besides, getting your fill of physical activity by walking at least 7,000 steps daily, or even 10,000, would be perfect. And don’t forget that your plate is also your ally: a healthy and balanced diet is essential to refine your figure.

Anouk Hamel explains the secret to getting a flat stomach in a short time: “you have to create an imbalance between the calories we consume and those we expend. In other words, you have to eat less and move more. Now that you have the trumps in hand, play them! Plus it costs you nothing!