House cleaning, woman in gloves with a rag cleaning curtains

The reason why people put the curtains in bags to wash them

Washing curtains is a chore that we do not like, complicated by having to climb a ladder to disassemble and assemble them and make them perfect.

That we have to sweep and mop the floor is clear, it is almost automatic and we don’t have to think much about how to do it. However, when it’s time to clean other household items, such as upholstery, windows or curtains, the house falls on top of us. These are surfaces that require specific products and, on many occasions, they are delicate fabrics on which we cannot use just any cleaning product.

Curtains are an element of the home that is quite complicated to clean. In addition, their cleaning is non-negotiable, since the fabric accumulates a lot of dirt and dust, which can affect your greeting if you let them accumulate too much. The problem with curtains is their structure, they are very large and sometimes have many elements to remove, such as hooks or washers. Not to mention the cleaning process.

There are curtains that must be washed by hand, given the delicacy of the fabric. Fortunately, the vast majority, composed of cotton or polyester, can be put in the washing machine, with detergent for delicate items and a program with cold water. And then comes the drying and ironing part, which is too complicated. However, with the following trick, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation and time.

The use of laundry bags

Do you know the laundry bags? They are those bags of breathable fabric with zipper, of different sizes, that we use to wash delicate garments, such as underwear or lace. Well, the trick is to put each curtain in a large laundry bag. In this way, you will avoid that the metallic or rigid parts of the curtains collide with each other in the washing machine, protecting the fabric, avoiding tears and helping the curtain to remain wrinkle-free.

Use a wash bag to make your curtains look perfect

After washing your curtains, it is essential that you store them immediately. Hang them wet in place so they air dry, stretched out and you don’t need to iron them. Since the washing machine has an extra spin program, if you see that they are too wet, you can use that program to spin dry your curtains again so they dry faster.

Following all these tricks, cleaning your curtains will be a breeze: disassemble, wash and assemble. Remember to also clean your curtain rod, hooks and removable washers, as they also accumulate dirt and dust. If you don’t, that dirt will come back to stain your freshly cleaned curtains, throwing your efforts to the wind.