The secret Italian golden rule for perfect pasta cooking

Preparing pasta might seem trivial to some, but to others it is a sacred art.

The Italians, undisputed masters of this specialty, have unveiled their golden rule which transforms each pasta dish into a gustatory marvel. And this is where many of us make the irreversible mistake that could well ruin our entire dish. The mantra to remember? The 1-10-100 rule.

The Foolproof Path to Perfection: The Crucial Steps to Follow

Cooking pasta seems like such a simple task on the surface. However, by following certain steps, we can magnify their taste and texture. The beginning is essential: you must first bring the water to a boil. And when it starts to boil, it’s time to add the pasta and salt simultaneously. A key point to remember: “Never olive oil and especially no lid on the pan”. Reduce the heat slightly and be sure to stir frequently to avoid getting sticky dough at the bottom of the pan.

Perfection lies in cooking “al dente”. Not only is it delicious, but it also ensures better digestion. How to recognize it? If there is a small white dot in the center of the dough, this is a sign that it is ready.

And to finish in style, once the pasta is cooked, drain it, taking care to retain a little cooking water. Then add them to a pan already containing the sauce, and not the other way around. A little tip to top it off: add a little cooking water to obtain a very creamy sauce. Now all you have to do is enjoy. Buon appetito!