The simple trick to effortlessly clean wall and floor joints (even if there is mold)

Wall and floor joints are the areas of a home that accumulate the most dirt and grime. The grout that fills the gaps between tiles is easily damaged, making bathrooms and kitchens look dated. Their usual white color turns black and even if your house is clean, it will look unkempt.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms in the house that need the most attention, as they get dirty every day. In these two places, cleaning products must be used every day to clean them. To keep them looking good, you have to focus on the joints, because that’s what you see as soon as you enter the house. No matter how good the decoration, the black color of the joints will steal the show. Even if you decide to update the decor with new furniture, it will still be dirty.

The three ways to salvage your seams

To avoid having to remove the joints and refill them, it is a good idea to continue cleaning them. Although the task may seem tedious, there are tips for removing dirt and recovering seams effortlessly. The account offers several formulas for floors, walls and even if there is mold. You won’t need to buy specific products to clean them.

To remove dirt from tiles and glazed (shinier) surfaces, prepare the following home remedy: water, white vinegar and dishwasher detergent. Pour the water and vinegar and a teaspoon of detergent into a container. It is best if the bottle has a spray bottle, which will make your job easier. Mix well and spray the joints. The next step is to scrub the dirty areas using a brush. Finally, remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth, which is more absorbent.

Another trick for cleaning grout that will also work for floors is to mix 1 cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of detergent, and a quarter cup of water. Dissolve the mixture well and pour the product onto the floor joint line. Then scrub with a broom and remove the dirt with the microfiber cloth. This formula is ideal for surfaces that vinegar may stain and can be used to clean the bathtub and shower screen.

If you have mold, we explain to you that there is another solution to make it disappear. First mix hydrogen peroxide and a drop or two of detergent. Then apply the liquid to the joints and wait 10 minutes to remove the mixture.