The Surprising Link Between NCIS and The Big Bang Theory Fans Never Noticed

A curious and entertaining link between the iconic CBS shows, NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, has been recently uncovered, leaving fans astonished.

NCIS is officially one of the longest-running dramas on television, now eagerly awaiting the premiere of its 21st season on CBS. This will mark the second season without legendary actor Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Gibbs until the show’s 19th installment.

Throughout almost two decades, alongside Mark Harmon, a plethora of television stars have made appearances on NCIS. Many of these stars shone just as brightly in roles that led them to other shows. What’s intriguing is that fans often overlooked this kind of linkage between the series.

In season 11, NCIS featured an episode titled “Rock and a Hard Place”, which spotlighted a star better known from The Big Bang Theory – Keith Carradine. He played the affable rockstar, Manheim Gold, one of the most unique characters NCIS has introduced over the years.

What makes Carradine’s role noteworthy is his prior appearance in The Big Bang Theory as a much-beloved character still celebrated by fans. He was pivotal to the story arc of Kaley Cuoco’s quirky character, Penny. Keith Carradine portrayed Wyatt, Penny’s cherished father, making five unforgettable appearances on the show between seasons 4 and 12. If you weren’t aware, he’s been a part of many other prominent projects throughout his career.

Besides being an actor, Keith Carradine is also a singer, bagging an Oscar for his vocal talents. He even starred in Madonna’s legendary 1985 music video for “Material Girl”. After a short stint in Deadwood, Carradine has consistently been sought after for renowned film and TV projects.

This includes his roles in both NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, along with remarkable roles in dramas like Dexter, Fargo, Criminal Minds, Madame Secretary, and Fear the Walking Dead. He’s also been featured in acclaimed movies such as Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, The Old Man and the Gun, and The Power of the Dog.