The Tiktok Towel Trick That Will Change Your At-Home Massage Forever

We have always said that you have to be good, because massaging is not just anything. In general, when you start to think that your muscles need to be repositioned, it is best to consult a professional, i.e. a physiotherapist.

However, sometimes it is possible to find relief at home, simply by asking your partner or someone you live with to take a few minutes of their life and their hands to “fix” you.

Beyond the delicacy and attention required by massages at home, the truth is that this is not the only inconvenience that you may encounter before going to the physiotherapist, and if you think about it carefully, when you go to the physiotherapist you are not only going to his knowledge and touch, but also to a series of additional resources that complete the improvement process: a welcoming room, generally with warm lights and a pleasant temperature… with no other sound than that of your tendons returning to their natural place .

And don’t forget the stretcher. These are usually stretchers with a hole at the height of your face and the average size of your face, so that when you lie on your stomach, your head (and neck) can be at the same level as the rest of your body without you having to do all kinds of acrobatics to breathe. Although a priori everything is more comfortable at home, we don’t have any of that to make the task not only comfortable, but also efficient.

A viral tip

If you lie down on the couch, or better yet on the bed, if you just sit on a chair and let the other person reach for your neck as best they can… There comes a time when you would rather get it over with the most as soon as possible because, to be honest, you know it could be worse. Is there a way that at-home massages can at least simulate relief?

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There is a simple trick to achieve this. So simple that you won’t understand why you didn’t think of it sooner, but we’re not here to question your thoughtlessness, but to show you how a gesture now viral on platforms like TikTok may be the solution. All you need is a towel, a T-shirt, or anything made of a fabric that is not thin.

Take it and, where you are going to lie down, roll it up as if it were a chullo. As you can see in the video, keeping it tightly rolled up, connect its ends into an arc. You will thus be able to position yourself (and position your neck) in the same way as on a professional stretcher. It’s as simple as that.

As the site explains Fisio Online, massage is one of the oldest pain management tools, but it is important to keep in mind certain rules, such as, for example, that the movements should be slow and continuous. In other words, you should never radically change your movements, because the surprise factor can tense up the muscles, which is exactly the opposite of what we are looking for.

As you are not a professional, the massage should not be too intense. Remember that it is simply a matter of bringing the person into a state of tranquility, therefore without pain. This brings us to another reminder: if the slightest gesture causes pain, rule out the at-home massage option.