The Top Haircuts Celebs are Obsessed With – And You Will Be Too!

The square cut is a cut appreciated by almost all women. This has varieties of different styles which can cause indecision on the choice.

Our team has prepared this article to present to you the different trendy square cuts. Moreover, we will also tell you, why should you dare to try these hair styles. We wish you a good reading!

The advantages of adopting the bob for your hair

If you are one of those who have never adopted the bob, you absolutely need to know the advantages. Firstly, it is a haircut that suits everyone. Indeed, it can go to any morphology of the face. It’s all in the choice of the style of bob you choose. Regarding the cut in general, there is nothing to fear.

Speaking of style, know that the square also has a whole different range. You can easily determine which one you want to have. There are those who prefer fairly short hair, those who like to have a certain length for their bob. On the other hand, you also have the option of having bangs or not. There is also the styling style which can be very varied.

One of the advantages of the bob is also the fact that your hair becomes easy to maintain. Thus, people with a bob cut have a hairdressing session much more rarely than others. Sometimes even, the slightly “disheveled” side brings a certain aesthetic. So you won’t need to queue at the hairdresser as frequently as before.

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that the square cut is timeless. Every year this style always falls into the trendy category, there is just a little touch that changes slightly. So, what’s better than adopting a generally unchangeable haircut? Discover the most trendy square styles for this year in the following lines.

The different square cuts you can try

If the classic “Bob haircut” seems a little too banal for your taste, there are other alternatives. You can therefore try the inverted Bob for your hair. Compared to the classic bob, there is a small difference. The hair is much shorter at the nape of the neck and gets longer and longer until it reaches the shoulders.

There is also the square with light and/or wavy fringes. As we have already said above, the messy side of the hair gives a certain charm to this type of hairstyle. Usually called a “Messy bob hairstyle” by English speakers, and often without bangs. Adding light fringe to accompany this style brings a new freshness to your cut.

For very short bob hair fanatics, the short bangs style is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the bangs should stop about halfway down your forehead to show off in your face. Likewise, the 2 sides having a small undulation which stop at the level of the jaw. Black hair is most ideal for this haircut.

Among the most popular and stylish, you can also choose the squares with wispy bangs. This is one of the most elegant cuts. For this cut, the strands start from the top and stop at the chin. This is because the back of your hair will look a bit more voluminous. It is not mandatory, but a little orange coloring can very well accompany this cut.

The other square haircuts that could be interesting

The “Razor cut hairstyle” is also a cut that you can adopt. She had already been there for quite some time. But for a slightly fresher touch, you can opt for longer locks. If you like this style, you can also amp up this haircut with a bit of a pink or blonde shade.

For those who don’t like bangs, you can opt for “wavy” squares which are similar to the “Messy bob haristyle”. Many celebrities have adopted and still adopt this cut. Thanks to this article, you are a little more informed about the different square cuts (especially with fringes). All you have to do is choose the ideal style for your hair.