The two best exercises for the stomach after 60, according to Harvard

Over time, muscle tone deteriorates and atrophies, especially in the abdominal region, which is precisely the part of the body where fat is most likely to accumulate.

Therefore, the back muscles have to work harder to perform certain movements. This often results in pain in the lower back or lumbar region.

A good abdominal routine is therefore the ideal solution to avoid injuries and protect your back from pain. However, there are many exercises to work the abdomen and it is not really known which ones are most suitable for improving the abdominal muscles and, incidentally, for burning fat.

The experts of the Harvard School of Health have highlighted the best exercises to work the abdomen from the age of 60, an age at which bodybuilding is essential for toning and preventing bone problems.

Strength training is essential for toning and avoiding bone problems.

The American University emphasizes that working the central area of ​​the body ensures stability in the moving parts above and below the core, i.e. the back, spine and hips. It completely excludes crunches for life (sit-ups and crunches), because they have a negative impact on the neck and cervical vertebrae and therefore present risks for the elderly.

This is why Harvard experts emphasize the need to do exercises that work the abdominal muscles and the back muscles (prevertebrals) at the same time, as this strengthens the area much better.

Exercises recommended by Harvard

Glute bridge: this involves lying on your back, legs bent, and raising your back, lifting your buttocks and tightening your abdomen when you reach the top. “It is effective because it creates a contraction from the rib cage to the pelvis and from the navel to the back. The whole area contracts and creates a contraction of all muscle groups, like a corset,” explains Harvard assistant therapist Marty Boeh.

Traditional planks: they are perfect for firming the stomach and strengthening the back. Planks “create contraction of the core, arm and shoulder muscles while maintaining a push-up position.”

“The main thing is to stay as stiff as possible, like a plank of wood,” says Boeh. These exercises can also be performed with your knees on the floor. We hope these exercises help you improve your abs for the future.