The two steps you should always take when running a dishwasher: “They do it in the best restaurants.”

When it comes to washing dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher, there are a few simple tricks that can help us achieve better results. If we get into the habit of applying them every time we use this device, we will achieve a brighter and drier result than usual.

In fact, these are some tips that are often used in restaurants, due to their proven effectiveness. But of course, they are also very useful in the kitchen at home, which is why the tiktoker @pilucare showed them to us in a short video.

The first solution is simply to put “a ball of aluminum foil to shine” in the dishwasher next to the dirty dishes, before running the dishwasher. As we have already told you, this tip is linked to a chemical reaction between aluminum and the ingredients contained in the dishwasher soap capsules, which allows you to obtain cleaner, shinier and free dishes. food residue.

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The other tip is also very easy to do: once the wash cycle is finished, simply place a cloth on the edge of the dishwasher door, close it and leave it there for a few minutes to absorb the ‘humidity. So when we open the device again we will see that the dishes and cutlery are completely dry and the typical and annoying drops of water that usually remain are no longer visible.

Simple and effective tips

As you can see, these two tips are very easy to put into practice and it can be very practical to establish them as a routine every time we use the dishwasher. Thanks to this we will have cutlery and plates that will shine brightly, while being very dry and pleasant to hold in the hand. This will not only enhance our lunch, dinner and breakfast experience, but will also impress the guests we receive at our home.