Open dishwasher with clean dishes close-up after washing.

The use of aluminum foil in dishwashers intrigues users

The dishwasher is one of the most useful appliances in the home, helping to save a lot of time when washing dishes, cutlery, glasses and other kitchen utensils.

In fact, it’s very practical in cases where there are a large number of items to clean, such as dinner parties or family meals.

This is one of the most widely used household appliances in the world, and to keep dishes and glasses as clean as possible, it’s also necessary to clean them regularly. To achieve this, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, applying detergent and rinse aid to the dishwasher, to get the best possible cleaning, even if sometimes this isn’t enough.

You’ll never guess the trick to a perfect wash!

It’s important to bear in mind that misuse of the appliance or improper care can take its toll on your dishes, especially cutlery, which is more likely to be damaged during the cleaning process. However, we have a good ally in these cases: aluminum foil.

What’s the point of putting aluminum foil in the dishwasher?

Aluminum foil is a heat- and moisture-resistant material that can be used as a solution to protect certain objects or to make cleaning easier. The trick is simple to use: just take the foil, make a ball and insert it into one of the cutlery baskets, helping them to come out free of scratches and shine.

The reason foil manages to improve dishwasher performance lies in the chemical compounds in detergent tablets that react when the foil ball comes into contact with water and heat. In this way, it causes oxidation in the basket, making the cutlery look like new after being washed in the appliance.

Although this trick doesn’t always work, there are certain situations where it can be particularly useful:

  • Protect delicate utensils: if you have delicate kitchen utensils, such as silver ones or sharp knives, it’s possible to wrap them in aluminum foil before putting them in the dishwasher. This will ensure that they can be protected from possible scratches or damage during the wash cycle itself.
  • Removing stuck-on food scraps: it’s also useful to use this when you have pans or dishes with very sticky or burnt-on food. In this case, a piece of aluminum foil can be placed in the bottom of the dishwasher, so that it acts as a barrier between the surface of the appliance and the food remains, helping to prevent them from sticking and allowing the dishwasher to be cleaned more easily.
  • Energy savings: by using aluminum foil in the dishwasher, you can help speed up the drying process of dishes and utensils. This is because aluminum is an efficient conductor of heat, so the paper helps disperse the heat evenly, causing the items inside to dry faster. By shortening the drying cycle, energy savings are achieved.

Caution! Here are the precautions to take:

However, certain precautions must be taken into account when using aluminum foil in the dishwasher, among which the following should be particularly emphasized:

  • Do not cover baskets or water blocks: It is important not to place aluminum foil on the dishwasher’s lower baskets or block the water holes, as this can affect washing performance as well as the proper distribution of water inside the appliance.
  • Do not use a lot of aluminum foil: it is not recommended to completely cover utensils, dishes or containers with this foil, as this could obstruct the flow of water and detergent, reducing washing efficiency.

Discover the secret of this amazing trick!

The foil stays in the cutlery basket, so you don’t have to scrub your silverware to clean it. Therefore, the explanation has to do with the way the aluminum bead interacts with the chemicals present in the very tablets of dishwasher detergent used to clean dishes.

The reaction that occurs resembles an oxidation process, which has many similarities with the trick used to polish silver. In this case, however, aluminum foil is used to line the container and the tarnished silver is soaked in water and washing powder. The existing chemicals in the detergent thus interact with the metal in the foil, a process known as ion exchange, which takes care of the oxidation of the tarnish and leaves the cutlery looking as good as new.

In this way, aluminium foil can become a perfect ally in making the most of the performance of the dishwasher, an appliance which these days, given the current pace of life, is indispensable in the vast majority of our country’s households.