The world’s oldest woman’s incredible secrets to finishing a marathon and living longer

She broke all records: at 92 years and 194 days, Mathea Allansmith became the oldest woman to have completed a marathon. On December 11, 2022, during the race in Honolulu (Hawaii), she reached this incredible milestone, which was even certified by the Guinness World Record.

His time ? An impressive 10 hours and 48 minutes. “The Honolulu Marathon is my favorite marathon, in part because they don’t close the gates at a certain time, allowing even the slowest runners to finish the race,” Allansmith told Guinness World Records.

Today, at 93, Mathea Allansmith continues to run six days a week in her native Koloa, whatever the weather. But this has not always been the case. Indeed, this retired doctor started running at the age of 46, on the advice of her friend, doctor Stephen Foster.

“I started running in 1977 and fell in love with the feeling of exercising outdoors,” she explains. For Mathea Allansmith, age is not an obstacle. Throughout the year, she maintains a regular exercise routine and also occupies her mind by listening to music and audiobooks, as well as spending time with friends and family.

The nonagenarian does not consider her feat a rarity. She also has no magical secrets about longevity. “I don’t have super genes, I’m a normal person. What helps is striving to live longer and healthier lives. Exercise daily and don’t eat processed foods or sugar. Go out, raise your heart rate and connect to life“, she explains.

Tips for a healthy and active life

Don’t eat processed foods

For Mathea Allansmith, avoiding processed foods and sugar is essential to maintaining good health. She refers to the book “Fast Carbs, Low Carbs” by Dr. David Kessler for the healthiest foods to eat.

Leave your home

Mathea Allansmith stresses the importance of getting out of the house to stay healthy. According to the website healthline.comspending time outdoors has many benefits, such as lower blood pressure, better social interactions, improved mood, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Exercise (and make no excuses)

Mathea Allansmith has been a physical exerciser for nearly fifty years and has never made excuses not to. “I never use my age, the weather or anything else as an excuse to miss training,” she says.

Enjoy physical activity

Even if running isn’t your favorite physical activity, it’s important to enjoy the one you choose. For Mathea Allansmith, running has allowed her to meet new people along her journey, as well as feel the freedom to move wherever her feet take her.

Don’t stay in the past or the future

Another key for Mathea Allansmith is to live in the present and not burden yourself with regrets from the past or worries about the future. “It is essential to focus on the present and live in the moment. Ask yourself: ‘What can I do today?’ This is how I resolve things. The solutions are in the present, not in the past or in the future“, she reflects.

Don’t let setbacks stop you

When Mathea Allansmith broke her toe during a marathon, she didn’t want to give up. “I couldn’t run for three months, so I changed my strategy by going to the gym and increasing my heart rate in different ways,” she says.

Have a sense of humor

For Mathea Allansmith, it is important to keep a sense of humor even in the difficult moments of life. “It’s important for me to laugh at the surprises that inevitably come up, then quickly get over them and get back to doing what I really love: training and touring,” she says.

Stay busy

In addition to physical exercise, Mathea Allansmith spends her time listening to music and audiobooks, as well as spending time with family and friends.

be optimistic

Despite her 93 years, Mathea Allansmith continues to have dreams and aspirations. She always sets herself new goals, like her next race. “It gives me a goal to aim for, and having that goal makes me think positively and optimistically about the training I’m doing,” she says.

Stay connected with others

One of Mathea Allansmith’s weekly activities is to stay in touch with everyone she knows. “I have lots of friends, runners and non-runners, and I make time to contact them every week. Maintaining connections is something I enjoy,” she confides.