They’re cute, but they don’t listen to you

Dogs have a very different character depending on their breed. We tend to think that the loudest, most rebellious and most annoying are the little ones, to the detriment of the older ones, who seem to have much more composure.

But ultimately, the factor that most influences a dog’s temperament is not breed or size, but simply age: a dog over ten years old will not act the same way than a dog who has just turned three years old, because his energy logically decreases.

The next element that influences the good or bad character of a dog is usually the environment in which it grew up: depending on where it grew up and the problems it had to face, it will have a personality or another one. This is inevitably influenced by the way he was raised. One of the leading experts in the canine world, Stanley Coren, posits that 51% of their intelligence comes from their genes, while 49% is due to environmental factors, as highlighted in an article published in Petflife magazine.

So which dog breeds tend to behave the worst, if you eliminate the variable of environment and age? Here is Coren’s ranking of the most disobedient dogs, in case you are considering adopting one of them and do not want to decide only based on its appearance, which unfortunately is the deciding factor when making the decision.

Shih tzu

This peek-a-boo dog is on the list of highly intelligent dogs, according to Coren, which makes them much more resistant to training. According to the expert, he is so intelligent that he takes advantage of his cute appearance to do whatever he wants with his master.

The basset hound

Another dog that, although cute, has great intelligence that it uses to never follow its master’s instructions. In fact, he prefers to follow what his sense of smell tells him rather than imposed orders.

The beagle

This dog, which Coren describes as “super disobedient”, stands out for his stubbornness. However, once you have trained him, he will not separate from you because of the great affection he has for his master.

The Pekingese

Behind their cuddly appearance hides a very libertine soul. According to the specialist, these dogs have a great temperament, which is why they establish themselves as pack leaders who are so difficult to make give in. Cunning as can be, they take advantage of their innocent appearance to try to dominate everyone.