Star on Walk of Fame, Hollywood

This is the Only Walk of Fame Star Not on the Ground

Apart from being the cinematic hub for the contemporary cultural market, Hollywood is also today’s hotspot for tourists seeking to witness fiction in real-time. Upon arrival, of course, there aren’t ghosts of classic actors and actresses roaming the streets.

To be precise, there are no actors or actresses, past or present, waiting to greet you. No one shouts, “Action!”, the lights don’t dim, and there are no special effects. It’s Hollywood, not Oz, and its most captivating feature is also its most frequented: a street that will make you look down (and not up to the sky) to spot all those stars that make you dream, just as Dorothy would.

Over 2,500 marble and bronze stars currently make up the famous Walk of Fame, so many that the iconic boulevard where it all began has become too small, extending onto a nearby street, Vine Street.

@marbleshortsThere is only 1 star on the walk of fame that doesnt sit in the ground!

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Established in 1958 by a Californian artist, Oliver Weismuller, hired by the city council to give Hollywood a “facelift”, the Walk of Fame has turned into a tribute to everyone associated with the entertainment world (we can find not only film personalities, but also those from television, theatre, and music) and an attraction in itself.

A Tribute to a Boxer

Joanne Woodward’s name, an American actress who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1957 for “The Three Faces of Eve”, was the first to be immortalized. She received her star in 1960, and since then, a committee awards an average of two stars each month. Hence, finding your favorite artist’s star turns into a thrilling quest full of surprises. While you might spend most of your time looking at the ground, there’s a point where you must look up.

It’s not because you might get dizzy from looking down but because one of those stars isn’t on the ground. On his TikTok account, Marble Shorts explains which one in a video that has almost half a million likes and countless interactions.

So, whose star is it and why isn’t it on the ground? It’s the star honoring the boxer Muhammad Ali. Hailing from a small town in Kentucky, USA, Ali wasn’t only considered one of the best boxers in the world but also a significant social figure of his time, influencing politics, social, and humanitarian causes, especially in support of African Americans and Islam.

Ali converted to Islam in the 1960s, and when it was decided to award him a spot on the Walk of Fame, he graciously expressed that he didn’t want people walking over his name, citing Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, honoring his request, his star was unveiled in 2002 on an easel, raising it above the ground. Following the accompanying ceremony, it was hung near the entrance of the Dolby Theatre, the venue for the Academy Awards since that very year.