Tips to avoid toxic behavior in your relationship

In a world where we live constantly surrounded by fleeting and unstable relationships. Couples that we all initially want to be healthy, headache-free, full of love, peace, and free of red flags and toxic behaviors. But the reality is that unfortunately there is more and more toxic behavior among couples which ends up creating new fashion concepts.

What is firedooring and why does it affect more and more couples?

In the field of romantic relationships, terms and concepts from English are often used and one of these terms is firedooring. Term that refers to emergency doors used in dangerous situations, such as fires. These doors open only from the inside and do not allow entry from the outside. It is precisely a concept that applies to relationships in which there is an obvious imbalance, where one person shows great interest while the other does not show it, or only shows it when it suits them. In this type of relationship, one person has the freedom to come and go as they please, while the other is trapped, waiting for things to change.

This behavior reflects one party’s desire to maintain control over the relationship, offering small doses of interest intermittently to keep the other person hopeful, making it difficult for the other person to move on and move on. move forward.

In general, people who experience these types of situations tend to have self-esteem issues and believe that they deserve unbalanced relationships or that they can’t find something better. They convince themselves that they must be content with what they have, which leads them to find themselves trapped in relationships in which the other has the power to decide and control.

Although we may mistakenly think that this behavior keeps the spark alive in the relationship, it actually involves exerting control over the other person and prevents them from moving forward and overcoming the situation. a couple.

The fact that this type of behavior is increasingly common could be linked to the increasingly common communication via social networks or instant messaging applications, as well as the existence of unrealistic expectations promoted by the networks social, lack of communication skills, as well as lack of education on healthy relationships.

How to recognize the firebreak in a couple?

This type of relationship situation is more common than you might imagine, and once you find yourself trapped in a toxic relationship, it can be incredibly difficult to break free. It is therefore crucial to be attentive to the first signs in a relationship that could indicate the presence of a firewall:

  • Instability: One of these signs is instability in the relationship. If the bad times outnumber the good, it could be a warning sign that the relationship is not in a good place. Additionally, when one partner consistently puts in more effort than the other to maintain the relationship, it can be an indication of imbalance and a sign that the relationship is unhealthy.
  • Sense of control: Control and manipulation are behaviors that usually manifest themselves subtly at first. Paying attention to how your partner communicates with you and how they react when you share your feelings can be revealing. If you still feel emotionally invalidated and the other person constantly changes the subject, it’s time to consider ending the relationship.
  • Lack of boundaries: Lack of clear boundaries can also lead to toxic dynamics. Although boundaries should be flexible depending on the circumstances, the lack of defined boundaries can lead to constant conflict and an unhealthy relationship.
  • Normalization: It’s common for people in these situations to think that these toxic relationships are normal or that they’re the best they can be, leading them to settle instead of seeking a healthier relationship. It is therefore essential to recognize firedooring and put an end to it once and for all.

What to do if you find yourself in a relationship with firedooring?

These types of relationships, in which one member of the couple has complete control of the dynamic while the other is trapped, are a clear example of a toxic relationship in which there is a great imbalance. The firedoorer not only generates emotional dependence, but can also trigger anxiety and lower self-esteem in the person affected.

However, it is important to note that it is possible to close this cycle and say goodbye to a relationship in which firedooring is experienced. Especially now that you understand this concept and can identify the most common characteristics of this type of relationship. Also, don’t hesitate to seek professional psychological help if that’s what you need to deal with your feelings and separate yourself from this relationship.