Turn Your Waste into Gardening Assets: The Tip of Using Plastic Bottles in Pots

Published seconds ago by Laurence GardenReading Time: 3 minutesAre you a gardening enthusiast looking for a solution to lighten your large flower pots? The answer might well be in your recycling bin. Indeed, filling your flower pots with empty plastic bottles has many benefits. Let’s discover together why and how to implement this tip.

The Benefits of Using Plastic Bottles in Your Flower Pots

Container gardening is a common practice for ornamental plants as well as for fruits and vegetables, especially when space is limited. However, the large pots needed for some plants can be extremely heavy and difficult to move. This is where empty plastic bottles come into play. They significantly reduce the weight of the pots, making them easier to handle.

Moreover, this trick has another significant advantage: it contributes to waste reduction. Indeed, a plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose. By reusing them in your flower pots, you prevent them from ending up in the landfill.

How to Use Empty Plastic Bottles in Your Flower Pots?

The implementation of this tip is very simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure the bottles are empty and screw on the cap. This prevents soil from entering the bottle and water from accumulating inside, which could lead to an overabundance of water and root rot.
  • Place enough bottles at the bottom of the pot to lighten the weight, but without taking up too much space necessary for your plant’s roots to stretch and grow.
  • Add potting soil to cover the bottles.
  • If your plant has choked roots, slightly detach the edges of your root ball before placing it in the pot.
  • Add more substrate around the plant and on top to completely cover the roots. Be careful not to pack the soil too firmly so that the plant can benefit from good air circulation around the roots.
  • Avoid filling the pot too high, as this can lead to soil runoff when you water the plant over time; filling it about an inch from the top is a good guide.

A Solution Suitable for All Types of Pots

This trick works for all types of containers, including terracotta and plastic, to further reduce weight. Whether you want to try growing a larger plant or need to repot a plant, empty water bottles can provide back relief without harming your container garden.

In short, filling your flower pots with empty plastic bottles is a simple and effective solution to lighten your pots. In addition to facilitating the handling of your plants, this tip also contributes to waste reduction. So next time you have an empty plastic bottle in hand, think about reusing it in your garden!