Two effective tips for surviving a dog attack (and 5 other recommendations)

Are you one of those fearful people who, seeing a dog loose in a park, think that the apocalypse has arrived and that he is coming for you? Probably so every time you see one of these man’s best friends (not for you), you’re completely tense and stuck. What should I do ? should I run? should I stay still?

If this happens to you when you see a chihuahua in the park near your home, we don’t even want to imagine the moment when, by a twist of fate, a dog attacks you and endangers your physical integrity. But stay calm, it is very unlikely that this will happen to you.

“Every situation is different, and you also need to consider your own abilities.”

Anyway, American security expert Bill Santon presents in the “Daily Mail” two methods to defend yourself against an attack by a wild dog. Knowing them will certainly help you, at least, to stay in control of the situation.

A) Physical method

Although the first reflex, when a dog approaches to attack, is to move its limbs away, he recommends putting one arm in front of you to block, while the other arm is folded behind your back. “This will push the dog away and prevent it from clinging to your arm, or breaking away from your arm if it has already bitten you. It’s important to have a good sense of proprioception to control your position so the dog doesn’t drag you away.

“The animal can bite you on the legs, abdomen, neck or face, but I prefer that it attacks the arm, which is more bony for it and which allows me to better control the situation,” adds Mr. Santon.

B) Mental method

Another tip recommended by Bill Santon is to dissuade the dog from attacking before it approaches. To do this, we use a technique similar to that used to scare away bears. It’s about throwing your arms in the air and shouting, as fast as you can. The goal is to make yourself appear as big as possible so that the dog stops attacking.

Santos says this method generally works if done well, although “every situation is different and you also have to take into account the abilities of each person.”

In addition, and in case you don’t know the technique, here are 5 tips that will be very useful to you in your daily life with dogs.

1. Don’t move

If you’re unsure whether he’s going to pounce or not, a good idea is to stay completely still. This way the animal will not feel threatened and will not have the instinct to attack. Above all, try to stay calm and, on a daily basis, keep your cool, because the dog will probably come and play with you and, even if he seems too impetuous, he does not intend to bite you.

Remember that if you panic and move your arms or legs chaotically, he may panic and, feeling threatened, attack.

2. Avoid eye contact

For many animals, when another species (or their own) stares at them, it is actually a sign of defiance. If we stare at the dog, he may think we are challenging him and intend to attack.

Especially for people who are afraid of dogs, it is very difficult not to stare at them, and what usually happens is that they do not take their eyes off the dog in case it approaches a millimeter, but if this is your case, avoid him, and you will see that he will soon stop looking at you.

3. Don’t run

Whether it’s to attack you or to play, running in front of a dog only fuels his hunting instinct and he will tend to chase you. They love to run, especially if they are cooped up in a house all day, so if he wants to have fun and you do it, he will think you are playing, like when his owner throws objects at him or runs with him.

In case of attack, don’t rush either. Let’s be realistic: as much as we like to wear fluorescent clothing and show off that we’re running, the dog will overtake us.

4. Make the croquette

Yes, yes, the kibble. If you are on the ground or have fallen, the best way to protect yourself is to get on your stomach with your knees bent and your hands on the back of your neck, and try to roll away from the animal.

5. Distract the dog with another object

If you have something within reach, throw it at him so he focuses his attention on that object and goes there (only throw the iPhone in the event of an actual attack). If it’s also something he can chew on, great, it will distract him for a while and you can breathe safely, or hide in a nearby trench.