Unlock Ultimate Elegance: The Secret Fall Manicure Trend Celebs are Obsessing Over

Unlock Ultimate Elegance: The Secret Fall Manicure Trend Celebs are Obsessing Over

Autumn has arrived and, with it, the desire to change your look. What if we started with the nails? Manicure is a simple and fun way to express your personality, your mood, your style.

But no need to complicate life with flashy colors, extravagant designs or too long nails. The fall 2023 manicure trend is minimalism: short or medium nails, an elegant shape, a sober and chic color. Here is how to adopt this trend which goes to the essentials.

Manicure trend: well-controlled nail length

The first step to a minimalist manicure is choosing the right nail length. Say goodbye to very long nails, annoying on a daily basis and unsuitable for the cold season. Prefer short or medium nails, more practical, more comfortable and more elegant. File them by slightly rounding the corners or giving them an almond shape. This turns out to be more refined and is the back-to-school manicure trend.

To achieve the manicure trend, take care of your cuticles. They must be moisturized regularly with a specific oil or cream. You should also gently push them back with a wooden or plastic stick. Avoid cutting them, as this can cause irritation, bleeding or infection.

Also choose the right nail polish. This element will give character to the manicure trend, while remaining discreet and elegant. Opt for a transparent varnish, which will strengthen and make your nails shine, or for a nude varnish. They will blend with the natural color of your skin. Pink, beige or peach tones are perfect for a nude effect. Also choose a pastel varnish, which will bring a touch of softness and freshness to your look. Blue, green or lilac tones are very trendy for the fall-winter season.

The last step to achieve this manicure trend is to properly apply the nail polish. To do this, you must start by applying a base coat which will improve the hold of the varnish. Afterwards, apply two thin coats of nail polish, letting it dry between each coat. Try to follow the natural shape of the nail and not extend onto the skin. Finally, you must finish with a layer of top coat, which will give a shiny effect.

The color of the varnish

For a minimalist manicure, the color of the nail polish is a key element. It is not a question of limiting yourself to light or nude shades, but rather of choosing sober colors. Opt for those that match your skin tone, your outfit and your mood. This turns out to be a good method to adopt the new manicure trend.

If you prefer a delicate pop of color, nude polish is the most elegant and timeless choice. There are many shades of nude, from pink to beige to light brown. Choose the one that closest to your skin color for a harmonious tone-on-tone effect. Light pink polish is also a feminine and soft option, which you can choose transparent or opaque, depending on your preference.

In case you want to be more bold and trendy, dark colors are for you. Dark colors aren’t just for dark or gothic styles. This is a very stylish manicure trend if worn on short or medium nails.

Among the chicest dark colors, there are many that make this manicure trend stand out. Examples include deep burgundy, midnight blue, brown or taupe, dark gray or forest green.

Manicure trend for back to school: simple nail art

If you want to add a little fantasy to your minimalist manicure, you can be tempted by simple and sophisticated nail art. A successful manicure trend isn’t about covering your nails with intricate designs or glitter. Instead, you need to create small details that will make the difference.

For example, you can stick small, discreet stickers. Is also making dots at the base of the nails or drawing geometric micro-patterns. Give free rein to your creativity, but always with simplicity for this manicure trend!