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Which zodiac sign is the most hot-tempered, according to astrologers? Shattering revelations!

Who hasn’t met someone so irritable they seem ready to explode at the slightest annoyance? What if their zodiac sign was the key to their choleric temperament? Hold on to your hats and find out how the zodiac signs rank from mildly irritated to downright volcanic.

Taurus: annoyance rumbles beneath the surface

Taurus, lovers of routine and predictable outcomes, have trouble dealing with change. When their sense of security is threatened, they can become disproportionately angry, according to Rachel Clare, professional astrologer at Mystic Sense. These pragmatic individuals get frustrated if others don’t share their point of view. “They take a long time to get angry, letting emotions simmer before exploding loudly and uncontrollably,” says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

Leo: roaring anger

Lions, with their grandiose personalities, value authenticity. “They’re willing to go to the moon and beyond for those they love, but if their ego is hurt, their claws will come out,” warns Bennet. Lions’ anger doesn’t erupt easily, but when something doesn’t go their way, their fiery side comes out. In addition to their penchant for the dramatic, they’re capable of throwing a memorable tantrum if necessary.

Sagittarius: an impetuous flame

Sagittarians are generally optimistic and eager to discover the next adventure life has in store for them. However, their enthusiasm can sometimes ignite their anger. “When they feel their wings are being clipped or their sense of autonomy is being questioned, their anger can flare up like wildfire, refusing to be contained,” explains Clare. Being a fire sign, they’re known for their frankness. If they feel wronged or betrayed, their raw honesty can be perceived as anger.

Scorpio: an emotional storm

Scorpios, though reluctant to show their emotions, are extremely sensitive. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, they possess a personality of remarkable depth and intensity. When they’re upset, they can harbor anger for years, especially when criticized. Their anger can erupt at any moment, like a sudden storm on a sunny day.

Aquarius: seething pressure

Aquarians, known for their free-thinking energy and unique personalities, can get testy when they have to explain their ideas to others. “Aquarians can seem a bit aloof, but under pressure, their temper rises to the surface,” observes Bennet. They often feel frustrated when their innovative ideas are not well received.

Aries: the volcano erupts

Finally, Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, the god of war, is unsurprisingly the most hot-tempered sign of the zodiac. Passionate but also endowed with aggressive tendencies and a fiery temper, Aries can explode with anger like wildfire, according to Clare. They’re not afraid of confrontation and are always ready to charge headlong into any challenge. If you get in their way, their frustration level will only increase. “With their short fuse, these Aries’ anger explodes like a volcano,” Bennet concludes.