Why do we feel the irresistible need to travel when a relationship ends ?

When two people, for whatever reason, come to the end of their relationship, it is common for the mystique of the post-breakup journey to appear, which leads us to seek a change of scenery, a phenomenon that is repeated in many couples and that , therefore, it has its explanation.

The best time to travel when a relationship ends

Going on a trip after a breakup can be considered both a good or a bad idea, since everything will depend on the emotional moment the person is going through. When two people end their relationship, a grieving process begins, in which a journey can be of great help in lifting their spirits or assume the opposite and cause that person to sink emotionally.

After a breakup, it is not advisable to change scenery and travel immediately, as this remains a way of denying what happened or trying to escape the new situation that presents itself, which can give rise to obsessive and complicated thoughts. In this way, after ending the relationship, it is best for the person concerned to try to regain peace of mind in daily life, without making major changes or acquiring new responsibilities that could affect them with a additional stress.

However, once this heartbroken person has already managed to overcome the stages of denial, anger or negotiation (when it comes to repairing the relationship by any means), it is a time when it is more recommended to travel, since in this way travel helps to overcome the depressive phase caused by the pain of loss and can promote acceptance of the breakup.

Likewise, as experts say, although travel can be a way of opening oneself to new adventures and experiences, one must have realistic expectations, having the perspective that this trip serves to recharge the batteries and to return stronger, but it won’t happen all at once. change your feelings completely and you will no longer feel sad about the end of your relationship or that you will be ready to find a new love.

However, a journey during this phase of the breakup can be very beneficial for the person to connect with inner aspects that seemed forgotten and regain enthusiasm, appreciate the present and reconnect with themselves. In fact, it can also be crucial to encourage yourself to resume and generate new relationships, putting aside nostalgia and lack of motivation towards social contacts after the breakup.

The journey must be comfortable

On the other hand, when we talk about the trip after the breakup, we must be aware of the importance that it is a comfortable trip, and when we talk about comfort, we do not mean that you travel first class, far from it, but that it is correctly planned. . Although there are people who like to travel and let themselves go to their own destination, in the case of people facing an emotional recovery process after a breakup, this is dangerous, as it could generate additional stress.

This does not mean that it is necessary to plan even the smallest details of your stay in the chosen location, but it does mean that you clearly know when you are going to leave, until when, flights if they are necessary, reservations hotel. …, that is to say the fundamental aspects of any trip.

If instead of making the trip alone you prefer to share the experience with another person, you must be very careful with your companions. In this sense, it is preferable to avoid traveling with people who promote emotional discomfort and nostalgia, that is, those who refer conversations to the ex-partner or because they find themselves in a similar situation and who transmit their discomfort to others. Leave these people far away and bet on those friends or family who accompany you and who transmit calm and confidence to you and with whom you ensure that you can enjoy a pleasant and fun trip, which will be very beneficial for your recovery.

In conclusion, it is common for trips to be taken after a breakup, often attracted by this internal need for a change of scenery and trying new experiences. However, for this to truly be an emotionally restorative journey, it is essential that it takes place in the acceptance phase of separation, once one has stopped denying what has happened and we have accepted it, when there are no more recurring thoughts. of hostility and frustration towards the ex-partner or it is already clear that the relationship is over forever.