Why does your dog follow you everywhere? The real reasons revealed

Each of us has probably noticed that his dog, this adorable furry ball, tends to follow him everywhere. Whether it comforts us or annoys us often depends on our mood for the day. But why does our “best friend” adopt this behavior? Here’s what the experts say.

The perpetual quest for your affection

Just as we crave affection and companionship, our dogs are no different. One theory suggests that this may be “self-interested” behavior. In other words, our dog could follow us in the hope of getting a reward, whether it’s a treat or a simple sign of affection.

This behavior can be reinforced when we train and educate our dog by giving him positive reinforcements.

Indeed, “when we reward our animal for its good actions or its behavior, it can associate the presence of humans with these rewards”. Thus, he could follow us hoping for a treat or a caress.

An unbreakable link: the notion of “pack”

Behind this constant shadow also hides an explanation deeply rooted in the genetics of our faithful companions. Dogs, although they have been domesticated for thousands of years, retain a pack mentality. In the absence of other dogs, we, their owners, become their “pack”. “This powerful genetic instinct” also causes our dogs to observe us carefully and seek our physical contact. In addition, there is the special bond we have with our pet. Puppies, up to the age of 6 months, attach themselves to their owners as if they were their mothers. Once adults, this link persists:

they see us as beings who provide them with care, love and security.

Ultimately, for whatever reason, it means your dog sees you in a positive way. So appreciate this unconditional affection and do not hesitate to take a moment for yourself if you feel the need.