Woman Playing with Dog in Park

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere? Uncover the Real Reasons Behind This Adorable Behavior!

Dogs may have been domesticated thousands of years ago, but they still consider themselves part of a pack, just as their wild ancestors did.

Dogs, our beloved pets, often follow us everywhere, a behavior that, depending on our mood that day, we may find annoying or comforting. But what is the reason for ‘man’s best friend’ to do this? Although there is no certainty shared by all scientists, according to Mental Floss, most researchers highlight a number of reasons for this constant companionship. One is their pack mentality. Dogs may have been domesticated thousands of years ago, but they still consider themselves part of a group like their wild ancestors.

When there are no other dogs around, their human family becomes their pack. As experts explain, this genetic instinct is also what motivates dogs to watch you closely and seek your physical contact.

We are their “pack”

Another explanation for this behavior is to be sought in the bond we have with our pet. Puppies up to 6 months old get attached to their human owners as if they were their mothers and, when they are adults, they keep that bond: their owners give them care and affection and the dogs see them as beings that provide trust and security.

One theory points out that it is something “self-interested” and that our dog is looking for us to reward him with food or affection.

The last explanation that science has given to this canine behavior has more to do with the owner and how he relates to him than with the animal’s natural instincts. When training and educating a dog, positive reinforcement is performed, that is, the pet is rewarded with treats or treats for good deeds or behavior. This can cause the animal to associate the presence of the human with those rewards, so it follows him wherever he goes looking for a treat or a token of affection.

Whether for one reason or another, it means your dog sees you in a positive light, so it’s best to enjoy his extra company, and don’t be afraid to close the door when you need some alone time.