Baked potatoes with herbs and garlic

Why Everyone is Raving About These Summer Roast Potatoes – Recipe Inside!

It’s often the simplest things that bring the most joy. As an example, we can mention roasted potatoes that are golden on the outside and creamy on the inside.

This recipe will surely delight your taste buds. In addition, the preparation of this dish is extremely easy. Find all the details in the following lines.

Roasted Potatoes: Tips That Might Help You!

This crisp of these roasted potatoes is a dish that is prepared quickly. And you can season it with your favorite spices to enhance the flavors. Note that this delicious recipe can make all your meals a delight. Potatoes with herbs, cheese, garlic or aioli or all of these, the choice is yours!

These easy oven roasted potatoes require very little prep work. What to save you more time in the kitchen! They also add a well-balanced component to any main course. Indeed, they adapt to a variety of seasonings and flavors.

To make the best roast potatoes, start with the basics. Salt, pepper and olive oil are often enough to achieve simple but excellent roasted vegetables. As can be the case with potatoes, so can Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and roasted zucchini. An unsuspected trick that you must start applying!

It’s also necessary to give your roast potatoes a nice look! Take a cue from more elaborate vegetable side dishes. Like these Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts and Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts. And to enhance the preparation, you are free to add spices, garlic and herbs to your potatoes.

The best varieties for roasting!

You can roast just about any variety of potato. So, the “best” one is either your favorite or the one you have on hand. It’s as simple as that. What matters more is to cut your vegetables in such a way as to obtain pieces of the same size and to season them well.

However, there are varieties of potatoes that are made to be roasted. Perfect for roasting, small potatoes are a safe bet. For those who don’t know, these are about the size of a golf ball. They are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Oven-roasted russet potatoes will provide you with a crispier exterior. However, the latter have a softer interior.

Yukon Gold potatoes are also a great choice. Note that their starch content is higher than that of Russet potatoes. This is a peculiarity that gives the inside of the vegetable a tastier and creamier texture. Which also makes them perfect if you plan to grill them. But that also means the outside isn’t as crispy as the russets.

Oven-roasted red potatoes turn crispy like Yukon Golds. But unlike the latter, these tend to lose their crispness and become softer a few minutes after they come out of the oven. Cut them in half or quarters, depending on their size.

Roasted potatoes: The most ideal cooking method!

Be sure to cut your vegetables into evenly sized pieces. Potatoes with an equal surface area will roast at the same speed. This will prevent you from having slices that are overcooked and others that are undercooked. For best results, cut large potatoes into 1-inch cubes. Also, remember not to overload the pan. If the pieces are overlapping or touching, this reduces the crispy surface.

You can peel the potatoes if you like. However, you should know that the skin of this vegetable is not only rich in fiber, but it also adds crunch to the preparation when roasted. The ideal temperature for this recipe is 400 degrees F. However, it is advisable to set the oven temperature above 425 degrees F if you are roasting other foods in your oven at the same time as the potatoes. .