2025 Indian Scout Revealed: A Fresh Take on the Classic Cruiser Experience!

Discover the 2025 Indian Scout lineup – a fresh blend of heritage and modern cruiser style, designed to elevate your ride.

  • New models include Scout Classic, Super Scout, Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, and 101 Scout.
  • Enhanced performance with a new 1,250cc V-Twin engine.
  • Advanced technology with Ride Command system and customizable features.
  • Prices range from $12,999 for the Bobber to $16,499 for the premium 101 model.

Introducing the new 2025 Indian Scout lineup

The Indian motorcycle brand continues to evolve its iconic Scout cruiser line with the introduction of five distinct models for 2025. The lineup includes the Scout Classic, Super Scout, Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, and the nostalgic 101 Scout, each offering unique features to cater to a variety of riders and preferences.

A historical legacy meets modern engineering

The second generation of Scouts under Polaris ownership has been meticulously crafted from the ground up. The all-new design features a robust tube-steel frame, a powerful new engine, and modernized electronics that integrate seamlessly into each bike’s aesthetic. The commitment to maintaining affordable maintenance while expanding customer choice illustrates Indian’s dedication to competing in today’s market.

The allure of the Scout Classic

Priced at approximately $13,999, the Scout Classic is where timeless design meets modern cruising needs. It sports chrome accents and fenders that pay homage to its heritage. This model is engineered for those who appreciate a traditional look coupled with contemporary performance.

  • New SpeedPlus 1,250cc V-twin engine
  • 105 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque
  • Ride Control software for enhanced handling
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Bobber: The minimalist’s choice

The most affordable in the lineup at $12,999, the Bobber variant strips down to essentials without compromising on style or performance. Its lower ride height and flat bars provide a distinct riding experience designed for those who favor a sleeker profile. With reduced clutter and clean lines, it appeals directly to purists.

  • Blacked-out aesthetics
  • New slipper-assist clutch setup for easier handling

The Super Scout: Touring in comfort

A fully equipped Super Scout starts at $16,499 and comes with added features such as a tall windscreen and dual saddlebags for long rides. It offers superior comfort combined with an aggressive stance that captures the essence of touring without sacrificing style.

  • Taller tires on wire wheels offer a smoother ride
  • Limited + Tech package included as standard

Sporty agility meets cruiser cool in Sport Scout

< p > Replacing the Rogue trim , Sport Scout brings an edge with its larger front wheel , starting at $ 13 , 499 . It melds sportiness with cruiser characteristics , giving riders who seek agility within a cruiser ‘s body exactly what they need .< ul >< li >19 – inch front wheel enhances handling</ li >< li >Ride Command touchscreen adds convenience </ li ></ ul ></ p >< h2 >Embracing heritage : The prestigious 101 trim </ h2 >< p > Atop the range sits the 101 model , priced at $16 ,499 . This iteration revives history while delivering peak power thanks to its upgraded ECU tune available across all new Scouts .< ul >< li >111 horsepower standard output </ li >< li >Gold – painted suspension components set it apart </ li ></ ul ></ p >< h2 >The comprehensive approach behind every model </ h2 >< p > Each Indian Scout variant is conceived with purpose – from entry – level choices to premium offerings . With updates such as standard ABS and traction control , Indian aims to continue its success in attracting both loyal fans and newcomers alike . However , attention to detail remains crucial as pre – production tweaks are necessary before these bikes hit showrooms .< ul >< li >Attention needed for minor component adjustments </ li >< li >Belt drive system parallels Harley tradition </ li ></ ul ></ p >< h2 >Personalizing your perfect Indian Scout </ h2 >< p > Customization lies at the heart of every motorcyclist ‘ s dream . With an extensive list of factory accessories available , plus options like steel frames ready for modification , riders can create their ultimate version of an Indian Scout – whether that involves boosting performance or refining aesthetics .< ul >< li >Factory customization options abound </ li >< li >Steel frame allows personal modifications </ li ></ ul ></ p>

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